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New Age Nonsense Of Yoga

New Age Nonsense
Of Yoga

Today I came across a religious forum talking about how good Yoga was, but of course they had reservations.  In the words of the person, you had to be careful of this new nonsense that was part of Yoga.  Although they stated that it helped them to relax, they were very frightened by this practice.

I'm scratching my head at the ignorance here in these statements.  Yes, you can have your beliefs, but please evaluate them to see if they are founded upon fact, or just rooted in fear.  I've been to Yoga classes in my life and never once have I had someone tell me I must believe a certain way or follow some religion or new age thought that Yoga is based upon.  In many churches, if you don't follow their beliefs lock, stock and barrel, you're viewed as deficient in your life.

So folks, lets get our brains working here, rather than letting our fears run wild as we just allow ourselves to be brainwashed by religious teachings.  Humans do have a brain to use, but unfortunately they fail to properly exercise it. So, go ahead and wake your brain up because you will need it to understand what I am saying.

Yes, Yoga is founded upon some eastern religions, but if you choose not to follow those, than no one is going to twist your arm into doing this in a class.  There is no joining some secret cult or sect in order to practice Yoga.  You can practice this without subscribing to any belief system.

Yoga is about connecting the mind and body together as one as you allow yourself to listen to your body while going into various movements or postures.  It is about finding that edge in your body and then allowing your body to move into that point as it is ready.  Yoga is connecting the mind and body together as one, rather than separating the two as separate entities.  It is honoring your body and getting in touch with your body.

As a result, the body lets go, releases and relaxes so that it is more finely tuned and functioning at a more optimal efficiency.  The mind body connection is not some scary new age concept.  This is the basic biology of a human.  The bible embraces it and so do many eastern religions.  In fact, if you really want to grow in your faith, you must first find a rooting in your body and in your mind.  Otherwise, it will be as if you are building your house upon sand.

Great healing for your life can come as a result of stopping, listening and honoring your body.  If you choose to act as if this is some new age nonsense, than you are just making your path much more difficult than it needs to be in your life.  Disagree with me all you want, but I have seen the evidence of this many times over.  It isn't some new age wishy washy concept or a concept founded in beliefs that are preached by man claiming to live for God.  This is basic biology!

If you wish to not partake in Yoga, than by all means, don't go!  However, be honest with yourself and at least state that it is your fears holding you back, rather then something that someone is going to force you to believe.  Following our beliefs can be a help to our life, but sometimes they get in the way of us truly being human.

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  1. It is non-sense (at best) to do something and not really know what one is doing. Factually, Yoga is Hindusim. Why hide the facts?

  2. @SHindu - If Yoga is practicing a religion for you, than let that be your guide. Yoga is not about practicing a religion to me. In its basic form, it is breathing, movement and connecting the mind body together. While people may grab that and use it in any way possible, at the core, these things are a basic part of life - or they should be. If you're getting hung up on what it is, than you're missing the point of what it is.






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