Monday, January 23, 2012

Paula Deen And Type 2 Diabetes

Paula Deen's Resturant
Lady And Sons
Savannah, GA

Sometimes we get an opportunity in life to really learn, grow and evolve as a human. Unfortunately too many times, we reach for the easy way out. We look for the quick fix of putting the band aid on something, thinking that we have solved the problem.

Paula Deen is one of the loves of my life! She's my long distance girl friend. Of course, she probably doesn't know that, but I fell in love with her southern charm. I admire what she went through in life and how she raised herself from the ashes to get to where she has in life. She is an inspiration. A few months ago, I got to visit her restaurant "Lady And Sons" for the first time in Savannah GA which was a special treat for me.

I'm sad that Paula Deen is going through this rough time and I don't wish Type 2 Diabetes on anyone. I'm hoping that instead of just turning to the medication, Victoza,  that she searches out more natural methods of working with this disease. I do see she is working on changing her diet and adding exercise into it, but there are many other things that could offer
possibilities and are natural.

I'm no expert of course, but I know that an unbalanced diet is not good for the body or the mind. What you eat is the fuel your body runs on and while we can get away with poor food choices for a time, eventually it will catch up with us.

While Paula is known for adding a little more butter, she is not alone. It is hard to find a major restaurant out there that don't obliterate the nutritional value of their foods without the use of butter, salt and other ingredients. Yes, I do understand that if some restaurant just steamed their vegetables or gave them to us raw, that they would not stay in business for very long as no one would eat the stuff.

One of the things that I have learned is through the Food Based Healing at with Jeff Primack. I won't sit here and claim that you can eat a certain way and it will heal you, although he has stories of people who have reversed the effects of conditions in their own life. I think with any program or practice, you have to use common sense. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that by eating raw fruits and vegetables, that we have the best chance of getting the highest nutritional value from these foods.

Each morning, we start out with a fresh vegetable and fruit smoothie that is only blended in our blender to make it into a drinkable form. We don't freeze or heat it up and we don't process it other than the short time in the blender. It has worked wonders for us keeping us healthy, preventing flu and colds and helping immensely with our digestive system. In addition, it helps us taste other food to a much greater degree.

When it comes to processed supplements that you can take or add to water or medications, I'm as skeptical as any one can be! If we just changed our diet in this country and added whole vegetables and fruits into it, I believe we would improve the health of our population in dramatic ways. I always get amazed when food establishments have to advertise "fresh foods" in order to market their processed products.

Just like Paula Deen says, live and let live, we have to live our own life in the best way we see fit and know at that moment. When we are confronted with new information, it is our responsibility to learn from it or to ignore it. If anything good comes out of Paula's new struggle with diabetes, I hope it is an increased awareness of health that should be a regular part of our day. Life is too short to wait until it gives us a wake up call, to make changes. The more we value our body and our mind, the more we get to live life to its fullest!

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