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Oprah Surrenders And Lets It Go

Oprah's Master Class on OWN
Surrender And Let Go

From Oprah's Master class, I found a YouTube video on one of her beginning experiences in letting go and connecting to source energy.  Talking about how she became part of the cast of the Color Purple movie, is breath taking, especially when she tells it in her own personal way.

I am sure during these moments, it was extremely difficult to keep going and most likely they did not all happen quickly as in telling the story.  In fact, I think she does state that there was considerable time that passed.  She struggled along the way and it was not easy for Oprah to understand what had happened or where she was in her life at that moment.

It was when Oprah decided to let go and release all the anger, bitterness, and frustration to her source energy that things changed.  She saw as a result,
answers from the universe came quickly.  I love the song that she was singing in this video "I Surrender All" as I remember playing it many times in church.  It is a powerful song that often would bring tears to my eyes.

Often we don't know where things are headed in life and what is coming together for the manifestation of our days ahead.  Sometimes it seems as if life is a mess with nothing connecting to some point in the future.  Yet, when we line up to the source energy of the universe and release and let go of things in our life that are holding us back, amazing things can happen.

I remember laying there in my hospital bed in 1991 staring up at the ceiling wondering if I would ever walk or talk again.  It was then that I questioned myself if this was all I could expect out of my life for the years ahead and the strongest answer I got that day, was NO, IT IS NOT!  Events around that moment impacted me in such a way that I knew I was going to walk and talk again.  I knew I had to keep going!

None of this was easy and there have been many moments where I have questioned life.  In fact, I'm in some of those questioning moments right now and I am remembering those times when I had to give up, to walk forward.  Like Oprah, there are many things in my life that I could use as proof to be hateful, angry and depressed.  However, there comes a time when I need to give up, in order to walk forward.  I need to surrender to find myself.

It still amazes me that we as humans, often worry more about the current experiences we are going through rather than what we can learn.  I realize that is a human condition and I realize how difficult it can be to surrender and let go, but in the end the way forward, is by giving up (or in other words - surrender).  We may not know today what lies ahead, but if we allow ourselves to continue walking on our path, we will not need to worry.  For what is ahead, will show up in the time that is right and not a moment too soon or a moment too late.  The focus is not on what we should do, but how we fulfill our role in the universe.

So thank you once again Oprah for showing me how real you are.  From that moment I saw you interact with us in the Male Survivor show to a video such as this, you share the deepest parts of your soul.  I believe we can most help others when we learn to be real and authentic in our own life and share that with the world. 

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1)  Oprah Winfrey Master Class - Surrender (

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