Saturday, January 28, 2012

Letting Go When Life Unravels

Letting Go When Life Unravels

It is so easy to see the difficult moments in life as an end to all that we know. When life unravels, we tend to unravel as a result. After all, who can blame anyone when times look bleak and all hope seems to be lost.

However, I read something the other day that made sense to me. Paraphrasing what I read, it was stated that when life unravels, that is a good thing because it means we are getting rid of the old and letting go. We are in the process of clearing out our life so the new chapter of our life can begin.

It is very difficult for my mind and body to understand the process of letting go and clearing out. After all, like many people, I want to control my life and I have this false illusion that if I do this, somehow it will be better. In all reality, I am only making things worse. The more I resist, the more I am fighting through life. The more I let go, the more I am allowing myself to learn from the things that I let pass through my life.

When life unravels, it truly is an opportunity for us in letting go of things in our life that we no longer need. It is our moment of preparation to bring good into our life. It may not look like this in the moment, but if we focus on allowing these events to unfold, we may find the glorious picture of something new.

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