Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mind Body Walk Through The Park

On a Sunday afternoon when the sun is shining, it is a good time to get out in nature. Sometimes a mind body walk through the park is good for the soul, great for the body and refreshing to the mind. Here is a recent journey of mine, after it had been very chilly for a few days. I must admit, it was chilly for those of us that live in Florida and who are no longer used to the colder weather.

As I arrived into Gemini Springs park, I could see just how busy it was. So many people were enjoying the same
mind body connection that we had decided to take part in for that day. The dog park was excitedly active along with the children's playground area which appeared to be having a birthday celebration.

Finding a more remote area with my camera in hand, I headed towards the water. Seeing the glistening of the sun upon the surface of the water as the duck swam leisurely around, was inspiring. It lifted my spirits and breathed fresh air into my body. My mind just gazed in awe as if time had stood still.

Even though I passed the sign "Danger, Keep Out - Alligators", I knew it was far too chilly for the alligators to really be moving about where I was at. There have been times that I have seen them sunning themselves on the shore of this spring fed pond, but today they must have been someplace warm. It reminded me though of how sometimes our mind perceives danger when maybe in reality, it is not present in the moment.

I came upon one bird nestled in the trees and hidden from easily being seen as it sunned itself and dried its wings. It appeared to not care what others were doing or that the park was so crowded. It was just fully connected to its body, taking in all that was there in abundant supply.

Moving along, I found one of the springs that fed the pond in the park and ultimately the river. It was a small little carved out whole that if you did not look closely, you would miss. Yet, the amount of water slowly gushing from this spring was flowing at a steady clip. Small little fish were swimming around the area, most likely in an attempt to stay warm. As the water came out, it flowed into the pond with force, purpose and just allowing itself to do what it was meant to do. In many ways, it reminds me of abundance in our life. When we connect our mind and body together with our purpose and just allow the flow to happen, we have plenty of water for our soul.

In my mind body walk through the park, the squirrels reminded me that scampering here and there was part of their day. They would run, and peek around the tree to see what dangers lied in wait. They moved so quickly and effortless among the trees as if there no obstacles in their life, except the fears that alerted them. Once in awhile, they would stop and observe me, most likely wondering what it was that I was doing.

The ducks and birds were playing and chasing each other as if there was no tomorrow. They were enjoying life amongst the water and lily pads of their habitation. The sounds they were making were communicating more than I could understand and at times, you could not see them, but you could hear them. They were just enjoying their day as they swam in the blue waters.

As the mind body walk through the park drew too a close, I was gifted with the opportunity to see many birds flying all around me and even landing or taking off from the water. I am mesmerized by the beauty of birds in their effortless connection with the earth and the sky. They dominate their domain and understand the difference between grounding themselves and the freedom of the skies. May we all learn the opportunities for our own life by watching the birds.

Time sort of zipped by that afternoon where the sights, sounds and scenes around me were more beautiful and inspiring to watch than any movie created. After several days of trying to get warm, the sun upon my body helped warm my mind. I felt invigorated and renewed, refreshed and inspired as I walked along through the park on that Sunday afternoon.  It really reminded me of the relaxing ringtone I created a couple of years ago called "Afternoon Walk Ringtone" inspired by the same park.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on my walk through the park on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  It is a great way to connect your mind and body to nature, giving you a new and fresh outlook on your day and on life.  The inspiration we can draw from nature is life giving to each one of us and it is there for us at any time.

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