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What We Do To The Least

What We Do To The Least
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I was watching the movie "I Am" last night on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) that I had recorded from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday a couple of weeks ago.  The first time I saw this movie was in a small coffee shop in Daytona Beach, Florida several months ago.  It is a must see movie especially if you ask the question, what is wrong with this world?

Tom Shadyack created this movie and if you recall, he is the producer behind movies such as "Bruce Almighty", "Liar Liar" and "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective"

There was one section in the movie that just hit home to me.  In the movie he talks about the hunter that is so good at hunting that before long, the hunter gets irritated with how much he does for society.
The hunter feels like he is giving way too much of himself when others are not as good at getting food for the rest of society.  Instead of passing the food along, he begins to hoard it for himself and store it up in his mountain cave.  The next thing you know, other hunters are following his example and hoarding their food.  Before long, the lower levels of society are beginning to go hungry and not able to hold themselves up.  The hoarding hunters think that each person must fend for themselves and that is how our society survives. 

Yet, what they fail to realize is that when the lower levels of society are crushed under the weight of their own greed, that it affects the entire human civilization.  It is easy when you have plenty of what you need in life, to see yourself as separate from others in society.  Often those that have the most, build walls and big mansions just so they no longer live with the common folks.  All the while, the people that are on one spoke from the wheel of life have been crushed and so the wheel begins to flop along as a flat tire would on a car.

What we do to the least among us is what makes us who we are in this world.  If we neglect and hold back from others, we ultimately are holding back from our self.  If we take more than we need in this world, than we are robbing our self.  Living life is not about hoarding or not having enough, but more about how we lift each other up.

Today, we see in societies all across this globe that the lessons from this movie are playing out in full force.  We label the different groups with names that fit and we despise some while honoring other groups.  We demonize those that we don't agree with as the out of control greed marches from continent to continent.  At some point, the world will be so out of balance, that a violent shift will be the only way to equal the scales.

Humans are biologically wired to work together and cooperate.  They are biologically wired to connect through the energy field of the heart.  Yet, when our hearts become closed and we fail to connect with one another, it no longer matters to us what we do to the least among us.

As the movie declares in the end, the thing that is right with the world and the thing that is wrong with the word, can be summed up in two words.  I Am!  May we learn how to treat the least of us in this world through love, rather than through a closed heart.  It truly is up to each one of us to do what we need to do for the human civilization of the world.

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