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Wake Up Moments In Life

You Are The Answer
Wake Up Moments
In Life
One of my favorite books that I am reading right now is "You Are The Answer" by Michael Tamura.  I just love his insight, but more importantly, I like how he states things.  It tickles me that he claims he is not a writer and writing does not come easy, but his words state some difficult concepts in easy to understand terms.  This blog post is based upon an adaptation of a passage from this book on page 52.

Those moments in our life that wake us up, also known as a wake up call usually stop us dead in our tracks!  They get our attention and these moments are almost like a baseball bat between the eyes.  You cannot miss them no matter what you do and even if you try to avoid them, they are unavoidable.  If you are able to go through the wake up call and still remain enslaved to your fears and unconscious life, you can almost bet that another wake up call will attempt to get our attention until we open up and listen.  A wake-up call helps
us focus once again on our soul's life purpose.

In my life, I have had a few moments where I knew without a doubt that life was trying to get my attention.  From the paralysis back in 1991 where a hospital test left me exiting my body, to much smaller moments that were much less dramatic, I have seen this play out in life.  I still remember sitting in the hospital bed, scared out of my mind and not having a clue as to how I would recover.  In fact, as the days grew to a close for me, I knew I was fading from life with each new minute.

It was not until a neurologist began asking the right questions and I began to respond to them, that things started to change in my life.  Yes, I could have went on blaming many other circumstances for what cause this, but at the core of my being, I knew this was a wake up call.  I knew it was a moment of searching and discovering that which was important to me and that which was connected to my reason for being on this earth.  It was not necessarily crystal clear in that moment, but I felt the connection to my consciousness.

Sometimes it is easy in life to just go with the flow and follow the herd through life.  Sometimes it is easy to remain unconscious and unaware of our body, our mind and that the mind body connection even exists.  Yet, we all know deep down what our life's purpose is, even if it is not crystal clear.  It is a matter of waking up and connecting through consciousness.  It is a matter of beginning to wake up more to who we are as humans and the purpose of our existence. 

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