Sunday, February 12, 2012

Observe Your Amusing Life In The Universe

Observe Your Amusing Life

I'm learning more and more to just live life in this moment and stop the worrying about the things I just can't do anything about.  Yes, it is easy to give lip service to these things, but it is now becoming more mainstream in my life.  You see, I 'm learning to be amused by the world around me and what the universe offers to me.

Now, I don't mean that I am laughing at everything in a joking or sarcastic manner.  In fact, that is the opposite of what I mean.  Yes, I do try to find the joy and laughter in life, but not at the expense of living in realistic terms.  After all, if life does not mean something to us, than how does that play into our every day?

By making life amusing, I am really referring to observing life through the eyes of an observer, not just willfully participating in events that I feel as if they are out of my control.  It is far too easy to go through life, thinking that things cannot change or improve, rather than realizing that I have so much power and influence in my life.

Looking at life in a way that sees how the amusing moments play together gives me a sense of connectedness and purpose to all that there is.  It is like the more I step back and allow myself to see all that is connected to a bigger picture, the more enjoyment and purpose I find.  In many situations, I would easily miss these things if I was not looking at life in this way.

So many moments have come together lately in life and none of them were ones that I could imagine or create easily.  They were individual unrelated moments of the day, yet as I observe them, I can see how they are connected together.  In fact, it gives me a smile just knowing that they weave together in the fabric of life.

Each moment did not appear to be connected to the next.  In all reality, they just seemed like one random event in a day that shared nothing with the next.  I think it is wonderful to see these connections, but it is more fun when I become the observer.

In the movie, What The Bleep, they talk about being the observer in life and really seeing life through the eyes of an observer.  I could not agree more because the more we can detach ourselves from the process and truly experience life, the more we can feel, sense and evolve as humans.  It gives us greater clarity in finding not only the purpose for our life, but in how we fit in with the bigger picture of the universe. 

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