Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Observing Synchronicity In The Universe

Observing Synchronicity In
The Universe At The Park

Lately, I've been noticing some things taking place in life.  I enjoy sitting back every now and then and just observing life.  Often, we miss the little things because we are just too busy and unfocused.  Observing synchronicity in the universe gives us deeper insight into our life.

Events have happened lately with little random pieces of life falling together at the exact moment they needed to happen.  If they would have happened a moment sooner, it would have thrown off the complete order of succeeding events.  In the moment of each event, I was not able to tell how it was connected.  It was not until the events came together as one, that I could look back and see the progression of what happened.

As I look back now and observe the synchronicity in the universe, it is a little amusing.  When I say amusing, I am not making fun of the way the universe has put things together, but I am seeing just how wonderful it is.  Of course, some could say that the universe (or life force or whatever you call it) has nothing to do with these things and they are all random.  However, the more I observe it, the more I see that there is some force operating within us that leads us forward.

I can also get a sense of just how I am being prepared for things in the future because each of these moments is slowly allowing me to evolve.  The events that are happening are giving me a chance to work through some of the deficiencies and issues I deal with in life.  It is almost as if the lesson is being presented to me, and then adequate time is given for me to complete the learning experience.

There is no way for me to tell what is ahead and how all of these things will play into where I will be in 1 year, 5 years or 20 years.  I'm not too worried about the future either because the only moment I can control is the moment I have right now.  Worrying about the future will not get me very far.  Yet, if I continue to observe the synchronicity of the universe, I'll get greater insight to what makes me who I am.  This will lead to greater evolution of my own consciousness and awareness in my mind, body and spirit.

If you really want to know your place in life, begin to quiet your mind, body and spirit.  Take in all that you see.  Sense, feel and observe all that is around you in life in this single moment.  When we observe the synchronicity in the universe, we give ourselves possibilities that we might not otherwise notice in our life.

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