Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Answers To Life

You Are The Answer
By Michael Tamura

All too often, we think if we don't have the answers for our life in this very moment, that we're doomed! It is easy to expect immediate solutions because we are so taught this in our society. If you want cash, you go to the ATM. If you have pain, you either go to the corner drug store or doctor and demand an answer that will alleviate the pain. If you want something to eat, you head to the fast food restaurant.

However, unlike many modern conveniences, answers and spiritual growth in our life is not an instant process. Please don't get me wrong, because it likely could be instant. Most of the time though, we have different experiences in our life, so that we gradually grow into the answers we need. It is the process of discovery where we learn so much.

Just as Michael Tamura stated on page 218 of his book, You Are The Answer, "spiritual growth is neither a race nor a contest. We do not get credits in heaven for suffering greater pain or for putting on a better performance."

All too often, we just focus on the things that really don't matter and yet, we fail to see the things that do matter. It is easy to gravitate towards the neon lights and shiny stars, but in the end, if we seek out the illusions, we'll be left with another day and neon lights that are switched off.

Again, in the book, You Are The Answer, Michael Tamura states on page 218, "And instead of asking, when are we going to get there? we need to ask, where are we already and what do we have to share now."

You see, I've lived in a life where sometimes I thought I had to have all the answers in this moment. I thought that if they were not coming to me, I was not getting anywhere. I looked for the neon lights to point the way, only to fail to see what was right before my eyes. I was waiting for the complete course of life to be delivered instead of feasting upon the dishes that were already delivered to me.

When I stopped to think about the words Michael Tamura wrote, it dawned on me that what I have to offer is what I currently hold within my mind, body and the experiences of life. There is no greater thing that I can give, than that which I currently have. If I allow myself to give what I have, the rest will fall into place.

Yes, it is easy sometimes to fall into the trap of seeking out answers in every place and every person, rather than going deep in our mind and body. It is easy to fall prey to the neon lights of our day, but fail to see that which is standing right in front of us.

We came into this world with so much and yet, for some reason we fail to remember this, once we began to inhabit a human body. Let us use the guidance of others and the insights they share to help discover the truths within our mind and body. It is there that we will discover just who we are and why we are on this planet.

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  1. Don, this is a fantastic message and you're right - I frequently get caught up in instant gratification and searching for instant results. It can be very difficult to step back and live in the moment, giving of yourself in the moment... Thank you for sharing...






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