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Top Book Reviews For Feb 2012

Top Book Reviews
Feb 2012

This month's top book reviews is going to be different. I am sure I could find some book that would fit in with the mind body and valentines day, but that isn't how I operate most of the time. Instead, I'm sharing three book titles that I have just purchased and are now on my reading list.

The first book that I'm anxious to read is by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. The title of this book is "My Stroke Of Insight". I saw her on a show on the OWN channel where Oprah was talking to her about a stroke she had been through in her life. I imagine it is very difficult to recover from a stroke and I know one other lady who is a healer, who recovered in natural ways from a stroke. While I've never been through a stroke, I experienced paralysis and virtually a complete memory loss. I'm always excited to learn about how others have dealt with this and see what I can learn. I've even more excited when I can learn the inner workings of the brain. This will be the first of the three books that I am planning on reading just as soon as I get finished with my current one.

The second book that I received is called "Buddha's Brain" by Dr. Rick Hanson. I believe I had heard about this book before, but when I saw a video on it the other day, I knew I had to read this. You can see my post about the YouTube video on Understanding Neuroplasticity which I posted on Jan 14, 2012. (click here to read). I just like his premise that when we change our brain, we can change our world. I look forward to reading this book and seeing what he has to say.

The third book that I received is one that I have wanted to read for some time but just never got around to purchasing it. The book is "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart. I even went into the book store the other day to buy this, but they couldn't figure out which book I was looking for and where it was. However, I found it on Amazon. It looks like a long book with some smaller print, so that may be a challenge to me. I look forward to how she presents the information in a scientific way of the life force of the universe. It should be exciting to read!

So that is on my reading list for now which means I have got to get reading. Sometimes I am a slow reader and only read a little every day. One day I hope to buy an Amazon Kindle or something like it so I don't always have to purchase hard copies of books.

If you have favorite books that are not on my book review list, please feel free to leave a comment with the title and what you liked about the book. I would love to hear your top book choices and who knows, they might end up on my reading list.

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