Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Judgement Is The Absence Of Love

Judgement - Love's Absence

Some days I have to shake my head at what humans do to one another. Some days, I cannot understand why we do what we do. It is often beyond belief, how we judge one another or hold one another up the ideals we have in our mind. In my mind, I see this judgement as the absence of love.

Everywhere you turn, you can see this in action. Just take a look at comments that get posted on news articles or even what fills our news and politics today. Look at how we hold someone's life up in an almost god like way, even though they may have suffered greatly and made horrible choices. Consider how we view those around us as to who we consider worthy of our attention and those who we do not. Think about how we listen or dismiss others as belonging to a group we do not understand. It is as if we hold the answers for these people, rather then seeing them through the eyes of love.

Love is not something that we honor in these days as we once did in life. We have succumbed to our ego as having the answers as we sit in judgement of those around us. Of course, in case I am erring on the side of judgement here in this post, I can only speak for my thoughts and actions.

You see, I grew up in a religious house that attended the a GARBC Baptist Church. In that church, we were often told that we were the ones with the answers and the key to heaven, unlike all the other churches out there. It was as if we sat in judgement of those who did not attend this particular type of church.

Of course, these church teachings were carried out into all parts of our life with condescension, talking about how others just didn't measure up and proclaiming our rigid views of the world were 100% accurate. You name it, we did it! The rules that got fed to us were outrageous now that I look back on them. At the time though, it was a very narrow thinking that permeated every part of our lives.

It has taken me many years to begin to shed this brainwashing that the church put into my mind. Unfortunately even though they claimed to have followed and taught what Jesus said in the bible, they ultimately did not follow the example taught in the bible.

Sometimes it can be difficult to love those that don't see things the way we see them. It becomes easier to judge them and classify these people in something that we feel they should not be, rather than begin to understand them as humans. Love is not about finding what is wrong in others or where we disagree. Love is about accepting others just as they are and embracing what we share together.

I hope that our world and civilization can begin to focus on things we share in common and how valuable each person is to the growth and evolution of the human life form. For the more we focus on judgement, the more we hold back from ourselves. It is far too difficult to fully love ourselves if we cannot love others and it is far too difficult to love others, if we cannot love ourselves.

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  1. Don, well placed post on love and well-crafted. To be honest, love is a topic very close to my heart and something I believe is often overlooked and ignored. I'm no one's judge, but for me I constantly have to remind myself to check my motivations. Am I doing this out of love? Is this really something LOVEing that I'm about to do? And if anyone else trips up as often as I do, then I'd have to say love is often NOT the motivation for much of our lives.

    And sadly, the absence of love as the motivation results in the atrocities and troubles in our world. Well, at least from my perspective, anyway...

  2. And the wonderful thing about love is that it lets us learn and lets us go through our process in the way that we need to, the time frame that's appropriate and in our own way. Glad you liked the post and I do see how love shows through life (especially cooking).






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