Monday, February 20, 2012

I Stand In Amazement Of The Universe

Amazement Of The Universe

I stand in amazement of what the universe does and how it pulls various things together. I use the word "universe" because it is what fits for me. An event that surprised me, led to someone else learning there was hope. That event, was being on the Dr Drew show about conversion disorder in New York.

It is sort of funny that when the producer called, I had not been following the story in New York. I limit my intake of news and it was not a story I had heard about. While I know who Dr. Drew is, I was not a regular viewer of his show. And when they called, I was not expecting to be on national media that day. It came as a complete surprise and in fact, this is the first time I have ever done anything like this.

The show allowed someone else that didn't regularly watch Dr. Drew to come in contact with me. It was interesting to note that this person was just flipping through the channels and stumbled into the show at the moment I was on. Neither of us knew each other but each one of us had something to offer the other and that was hope!

In almost 21 years, this is the first time I've talked to someone face to face in regards to a conversion disorder. Until this time, I have felt all alone out there other than an occasional story that I've read on Conversion Disorder. It means the world to me to connect with someone and share their pain and struggle.

All too often, people going through conversion disorder don't have anyone to turn to and most don't understand the condition. In fact, all too often, people believe you are faking the symptoms when they are just as real as breathing. On top of that, there are very few in the world that can effectively treat this condition because it takes a special understanding of what somatoform or conversion disorders are. Too many in our world, choose to ignore what conversion disorder is and exactly how to heal someone from it.

For anyone going through a conversion disorder, there is hope. You don't have to live in that state forever. It does require that you get to the point where enough is enough and you're ready to heal through it, but there is hope! The hope isn't found in medications or off the wall treatments. The hope is found in re-regulating the nervous system and redeveloping the neural pathways in the brain.

The individual that called me was so happy to find out there was hope and to me, I'm so happy to connect with someone that has to deal with this condition. It means the world to me as well. It is going to help me heal further in my own life.

It is amazing just how the universe brought these two moments together at the right time and I owe a debt of thankfulness to the Dr. Drew show. I do hope that the people in New York will seek out proper treatment and heal from that which they experience. I know an excellent Doctor in Miami that can make a difference.

For now though, I realize that having gone through the experiences in life that I did, there must be a reason. I want to help others find their way because I know just how tough it is to have your body fail you, and no one is there with any answers. After all, for the trauma that I experienced in life, there has to be a greater purpose. I'm sure as my life unfolds, this path forward will become much more clear.

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