Friday, February 17, 2012

Do Not Hurt Little Children

Do not hurt little children! While those words may sound simple and straight forward, there are people in our society that obviously fail to understand them. Every time I read a story about child abuse in any form, it makes me very angry. Today, there was a story in the Orlando Sentinel of such a case.

A 16 month old is dead because the little boy, Torey Dymond, went for a walk with his mother's boyfriend, 30-year-old Clifton Alexander Frazier. According to the mother, Rosalia Poirier, when the boyfriend got home, the little boy was lifeless and turning purple. According to the boyfriend, the little boy was whiny and was just asleep.

Fortunately, the police were called to the hospital to investigate and the boyfriend is now behind bars. In the newspaper article, it sounds like this boyfriend not only did crack cocaine but enjoyed beating the mother as well.

In addition, the boyfriend did not want the mother to call for 9-1-1 and said there was no cause for alarm.  Really, a 16 month old child is lifeless and purple, but there is no cause for alarm.  Wow... Wow...

My blood boils at this story because I don't care what this boyfriend had been through in his life or what drugs he is on, he made the choice to beat the child to death. There is no excuse for that! There is no justification for that!

I'm hoping that one of these years, a story like this will be as rare as a dinosaur. It would be nice to see people treating children and significant others as humans, rather than property that they can abuse. Unfortunately, this is permeated throughout society, religious institutions, governments, politicians and communities. For some reason, there are people who feel that women and children are nothing more than something they must control and abuse.

It saddens me to no end to see this story and think of the 16 month old boy that will never grow up. It saddens me to know that his mother does not appear to have valued her life enough to kick this person to the street. It hurts me to know that the mother will now have to deal with this event for the rest of her life.

Is there any way to make sense of it? If there is, I have no idea of what that would be. However, we as a society better wake up and start working to stop these things instead of allowing them to perpetuate. Children are our future. Children should be the joy of our life, not the disdain of our existence.

I can only hope that Clifton Frazier experiences the same that he did to this little child. Is that wrong for me to think that way? Maybe if I would not have experienced my own pain, I could see differently. For now, I feel anger towards this human for what he did to this child. May we all wake up before we have no children left to carry on the future of civilization!

The lesson is, if you see a child being harmed in any way, don't just stand back hoping it will all go away.  Don't sit there thinking that someone else will do something.  Make a phone call to the authorities and give that child the help they deserve.  

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  1. this is my little cousin and i definately agree no child should be treated that way ! i love you Torey v. Dymond R.I.P babyboy we miss and love you more than anything right now ! take care "man"
    Zharia <3

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  3. I miss him so much he was my nephew and I watched him most of his life when he wasn't with his so called "mom" and both his loving grandmothers I love him so much. Torey you are in my heart forever.






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