Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How Do You Recognize A Miracle

When I think of miracles, my mind fixates on Moses parting the red sea or someone dying of cancer who is suddenly healed. It is something grandiose that happens. A miracle is something that is so extraordinary that you can see it with no effort.

Miracles in my mind are more biblical and often for other people. They usually come to special people whose life is exemplary for others to follow. I am not certain miracles happen like they did in historic times. It seems that they are reserved for more rare occasions.

Of course, my theory may hold as much water as a fish net. In many ways, I may be limiting myself just because my concept of miracles is so limited. What if I truly do not understand what a miracle is? Would it not stand to reason that without being able to fully understand miracles that it would be next to impossible to see them?

A miracle may actually be something that happens more frequently then I realize. Miracles may be happening all around me. There is a good chance that miracles are not reserved for biblical, historic moments. I am beginning to wonder if I have overlooked many miracles in my own life. Just because my mind is not prepared for receiving them, does not mean that they are not taking place. As I write this, I realize just how little I truly know about miracles.

So, maybe my first step is to begin understanding what miracles are and how they show up. I may need to shed some of my own beliefs in order to discover how to recognize and see miracles. It may be beneficial for me, if I allow my mind to open up to miracles. Realizing I am worthy and a being of love and light might just begin to open my eyes. The point of discovery has begun. It is time to open my eyes, my heart and my mind.

(Above Picture taken at Disney World, FL - (c) 06/22/10)

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