Thursday, March 14, 2013

Start Attracting Wealth And Abundance In 2013

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If you watch the news on a regular basis (which I don't recommend), you would think that all is doom and gloom.  As we all know, many people are hurting and struggling to make ends meet during this time of recession,  It really gets stressful when times get tough, especially when it comes to finances.

Being surrounded by all the negativity of doom and gloom news, it is very hard to not internalize it mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I am personally seeing nervous systems in people that are stressed to the max with people wondering how they are going to make it.  It isn't a fun time for many and if you're struggling financially, this is not news to you.

Our subconscious reacts to all of this whether we are aware of it or not.  Even if we have this awareness, the unconscious patterns of our past still play out every moment of our day.  Generally it leaves us focusing on what we are currently experiencing, not on what we are able to achieve.

But here’s the truth -

You ARE able to attract the life you desire – the paycheck, the house, the promotion – and getting it has nothing to do with your education, intelligence or luck...

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It’s from Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of the personal growth publisher company Mindvalley. He has a few very important questions to ask you about your current mindset and how it may be influencing your ability to manifest more abundance in your life.

Together, we’re going to try and help you attract the wealth and abundance you deserve in 2013.

But this isn’t going to be some preachy sermon on the do’s and don’ts of attracting abundance – the results from this survey will go directly into creating a free webinar to give you practical advice on how to make next year your most successful ever.

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I have suffered through the limitations of how I dealt with financial struggles.  In fact, on this blog I have written extensively about my own process.  Before I started the Unlimited Abundance program, things were very bleak for me.  I was struggling to exist and if it wasn't for the help of a friend, I would have never made it.  It almost took me under and I started to believe that I had bad luck and I would never get beyond the point of despair that I was at.

Fortunately as a result of the Unlimited Abundance program, my life has changed.  I'm not a millionaire or anywhere close, but as of this point, I've already brought in half of the income that I made the previous year.  I'm well ahead and in fact, the income is not slowing down.  It is coming from many different sources that I could not have imagined just a short time ago.  I'm so shocked at what has changed.

In addition, new opportunities for my life are showing up in ways that I could not have dreamed.  I continue to see my life change and unfold in ways that give me joy and happiness in my day.  What lies ahead, I have no clue, but right now I can honestly say that Christie Marie Sheldon and the Unlimited Abundance program have helped me in dramatic ways.

If you would like to read more about some of what I have previously written, please check out this blog post, Unlimited Abundance, If Money Wasn't An Issue .

More importantly though, check out the video and it will begin the process for you.

==== >>>   And this video will tell you how :-) 

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