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Jerry Sandusky Says He Is Not A Pedophile

Sandusky Denies He's A
Please, by show of hands in the room, how many child molesters do you know came forward and admitted to being a child molester or admitted to molesting children before the children said anything?  Come on, don't be shy - raise your hands please! 

Of course, I have no idea either how many pedophiles and child molesters admit, but in my experience and from the many stories I have heard, I would estimate the number to be extremely low.  Most of these people who prey on children readily claim they are not a pedophiles or child molesters.  In fact, they often deny it, leaving the victim to defend themselves hoping that someone will believe them through their humiliation and shame.  Jerry Sandusky may be no different, but in the course of time, the charges will be proven one way or the other.

I don't know all the details in this case and in fact I've tried to avoid some of it.  Yet, I saw a reaction of shock the first day to this "revereed and honored" football coach being fired.  To be honest, that blew my mind to smithereens.  No one cared at that point if the allegations were true or not.  No one cared at that point what the victims had endured.  All anyone cared about was the poor coach, the alleged child molester and pedophile.

What does this say about us as a society and as humans?  I would venture out on a limb and say that it shows a very sad side of us as humans and a civilization.  No wonder, child abuse can happen in the dark confines of every day life when a reaction like this is the first display!  You would think that after the Catholic Church Scandall, The Oprah Show on 200 Men, and all the other accounts that come out, people would be a little more smarter, more enlightened or maybe even a little more human.

Maybe I hold too high of expectations for humans to be human!  After all, I experienced some of the same things these victims went through and of course "no one" believed me after I dared to break the silence.  After all, how can you say something like this happened about people that think the pedophiles and child abusers are too nice, too good, too helpful and too respected in the community and churches.

Everyone wants to believe that a child molester and pedophile is some dark creature hiding in the bushes and in the woods, waiting to prey on children.  We pass laws to protect our children and keep these sex offenders removed from society.  While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, we fail to see those that are directly in front of our face.  The child molesters and pedophiles could wear a sign and most of us would still not even see it!

So, do you think that most victims know or don't know who their abusers are?  If you answered they don't know, you're incorrect.  If you answered, most victims know their abusers, than at least you are a little more enlightened as a human.  For around an estimated 80 to 90 percent of child victims know who their abusers are!  These are not the people hiding in the woods or the bushes.  These are people the children know!  Before I go any further, think about that for a moment - go ahead, let it sink into your brain!  To add to this statistic, half of the offenders were a family member.  If you don't believe me, check out the following website on Megan's Law).

We can all do a lot more to protect our children if we want to, but unfortunately we tend to close our eyes as if it didn't happen!  I mean, take this Penn State case and see that someone saw a boy being raped in the shower but instead of calling the police or trying to stop it, he told a supervisor.  Come on - that's the best a human can do to protect another human!  I don't believe it for a minute.  That is utter BS in my book!  Of course, there are varying accounts of him calling the police or not, so one will never truly know the truth. 

If you see something happening such as the boy being raped in the shower, get on your phone and call 9-1-1!  Call the police!  Report it!  Don't wait to do something!  Don't just go tell your supervisor - but do the right thing!  A child being raped, abused or molested has little power to stop it.  I think back to the days when I was enduring the same and I so badly wished that someone would have stepped in to stop it!  No one did!  No one dared!

Only Jerry Sandusky and the victims know what took place.  I'm sure facts and stories will emerge as the days progress.  For Jerry Sandusky to state that he is not a pedophile really makes my stomach feel like I want to puke for days! 

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