Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Are We Afraid Of Suffering?

Afraid Of Suffering
So many humans are afraid of suffering in our lives. To be honest, I was very afraid of suffering at one time and thought it was the worst thing that could happen to a person. Before you think I'm some pie-in-the-sky type of thinker, let me assure you that my life has been met with much adversity. All you have to do is read my book and you'll see quickly to what I am referring.

Often though, people just want us to think about thoughts of being happy or love and forget all the suffering we are going through. Many urge us to quit crying, move on from the pain and the struggles in life. While these people purport to desire that others find their true calling or purpose, I actually believe, pushing someone to "quit suffering" is doing more of a harm than a disservice.

Lately I have been reading the book, "Into The Light", by Dr. John Lerma. In many instances and accounts, the first hand experience of his patients urges us to learn and grow from the suffering in our lives and the world, not necessarily to focus our energy on trying to end the suffering. The distinction may be slight that I am making, but I believe it is very important and critical. If we focus on ending our struggle and our suffering, than what have we learned? If we focus on learning from our struggles and suffering, than we will have walked away as a person with great power in our lives.

Yes, I do realize that it is difficult for people to be there 100% with someone going through a difficult time. It is hard to see our friends and loved ones fight through moments that are beyond our imagination. Yet, the more we struggle with what they are experiencing, I would suggest that it is more of a reflection on how far we have gone into our own pain. Most of us fail to go in and fully release the depths of our own pain. Yes, we try to make others believe we have done this, but in all reality, we have only traveled part of the journey.

Suffering is in our lives for a reason. It is there to help us grow, evolve and become more aware of ourselves. Yes, it would be great if we could go through life without suffering, but then would we really know what happiness was all about? If you have only happiness, how would you know what the other side of that is or how would you even be able to depict happiness?

Storms of life do hit us. There is no escaping them unless we have chosen to be asleep. The storms are not there to ruin us but to help us focus on what is important and to help us evolve and grow in awareness.

Embrace the moments of suffering in your life and learn to journey into the pain towards the moment of release. Life is not about thinking happy thoughts, but about growth. Then, when you release the depths of your own pain, you will be there as a support system and guide to all those who are suffering and struggling. You will have a much greater capacity to be there with others than you currently have.

Some people wander in the desert of despair for many years and that is part of their journey. Trying to guilt them into something different does nothing good for their journey. Being there and listening to them, supporting and caring for them is one of the highest callings I think humans can have. Allow people to travel down their roads and learn to be real with yourself, rather than just pasting a fake smile on your face or speaking words that have few roots.

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