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Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro

Healing The Itchy Hand
Rash - Introduction
Over the next several days, I will share my journal entries of a recent rash I dealt with on my hand.  For anyone out there who has suffered through this, a rash is not only difficult to deal with but it is frightening to look at your skin and see the dis-figuration.  Fortunately, I have been through this a couple of years ago, so I knew a little more what to expect.  Keeping myself from freaking out during this time was a challenge of epic proportions.

As of writing this, the rash is healing rather well.  I realize that it was a moment of emotional healing for me and there are parts of the story which I just won't share in a public format at this point.  If anyone doubts that there is a mind body connection, all one has to do is experience moments like what I went through with the rash.  I am fortunate that I can see the cause and effect between what my mind sees and what is portrayed through my body.  However, let me make it clear that in the consciousness of seeing this, the experience of the rash is none the easier.

I invite you to read along as I post each day's journal entries.  When I write during these times, it not only to document what is taking place in that moment but hopefully provide comfort, solace and information to those who may be experiencing something similar.  Each journal entry needs to be read in the light of that is my own personal moments I am recording, not necessarily trying to be anything to anyone, but staying true to myself.

List Of Topics
Intro -   Healing The Itchy Rash  -- (11/6/11)
Day 1 - Where Is The Open Door? -- (11/7/11)
Day 2 - Suspended In Flight -- (11/8/11)
Day 3 - Anger Consumes My Life -- (11/9/11)
Day 4 - Doubt Things Will Get Better -- (11/10/11)
Day 5 - Temporary Stay Of Relief -- (11/12/11)
Day 6 - Scared And Frightened -- (11/13/11)
Day 7 - Physically Challenged -- (11/14/11)
Day 8 - Slight Improvement -- (11/15/11)
Day 9 - Difficult Night -- (11/16/11)
Day 10 - Another Night Of Torture -- (11/17/11)
Day 11 - Today Is Challenging -- (11/18/11)
Day 12 - Healing Rapidly -- (11/19/11)
Ending - The Story -- (11/20/11)

As you will also note, there is a picture with each post of my hand.  I tired to match the picture up to the day of the journal entry.  You can see a progression of how my hand experienced the rash.  The picture only shows so much detail and in real life, it was much more intense.  Sometimes a picture just does not capture it all.

One of the things that I do to help alleviate a rash and is very effective, is I use ground oatmeal.  The blog post on December 23, 2009 details more about this - Itchy Skin And Oatmeal Bath.  You can try all kinds of over the counter treatments and what I have found is that they may offer momentary relief but often they come back with a greater vengeance as time goes.

A box of regular oatmeal is pretty cheap and it just takes a short time in the blender to be ground up.  Make sure though that you use luke warm water to soak the affected body part.  If you use hot water, it opens your pores up and lets more moisture escape rather which will come back and bite you minutes or hours later.  Hot water may feel soothing but you're best not to go that route from my experience. 

For my hand, I used about 3 heaping tablespoons of ground up oatmeal in a small dishpan of luke warm water and soaked it until the water began to feel cold.  I then rinsed my hand off in cold water and blotted it dry.  Try to avoid rubbing your hand with a towel to avoid friction.

Most of all, don't hide from what is happening to you and the experiences you are facing.  Many times, there is a strong emotional component tied to a rash and until you deal with it, it will continue to haunt you.  I'm not going to tell you that this is easy to do but from my own experience, it is what helped the healing process.

I personally chose to not have medical attention to alleviate this situation I faced.  I did come close at moments but I knew deep down that I had to learn the lessons I needed to learn, let the emotions flow and heal this from the inside out.  I am smart enough to know how to take care of myself though and keep these areas clean and prevent further injury.  You will need to do what is best for you and by all means, I am not giving  you medical advice.  I hate legal disclaimers and the such, but these treatments that I share are what worked for my own experience.

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