Thursday, April 28, 2011

White Light, Healing And Truth

Often, I'm around people who speak of the "white light" and it gets applied to everything from healing, forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, fear, protection, life's difficulties and situations and probably more things than I can even list here. While all of this is well and good, I have my doubts as to a majority of these people who speak about the "white light" really and truly know what it is all about. They say they do and they claim they do but there is evidence to the contrary.

In fact, I would offer up that most people really don't experience the white light around them. They visualize it and believe it is there but they truly don't see it. I'm sure that some reading this will vehemently disagree with me but I believe, the following statement applies, to thine own self be true. Many people who so quickly talk about the white light, do so in a way that seems to be more of a crutch than a personal relationship.

When I was in the hospital in 1991 for paralysis, I was undergoing tests that took me to the point of exiting this world. While I cannot remember and recount all that happened, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I saw the "white light" that so many see when they are slipping away into the next world.

It took me many years later to realize what I had seen and witnessed because I had no idea that an experience like this could even be real. When I made the connection one day in a healing session (without the therapist even realizing to this day that I had made that connection), the puzzle pieces began to fall in place.

The "white light" that I saw, experienced, felt and became part of , is so much different than that which I hear people talk about. People talk about it as if it is something they have personally witnessed and yet, what they talk about does not add up in my mind to what I have seen. I'm not going to go into details in this post because I don't want my experiences to be regurgitated facts for others to display at will. Maybe in the future I will speak more about this but for now, I'm not ready to do that.

I personally feel people need to be very careful in what they describe and share as fact, if they have not had the actual experience. I see people in churches do this all the time, and the new age, enlightened people do this as well. It is easy to tell others something that we seem to know and believe but if were not careful, we soon find out were all headed over the cliff and there is nothing but a drop off below us.

At times, I listen to people describe some of the things like the "white light" and I think, wow, they know a lot. As I dissect what they are saying, questions start to arise in my mind. The one thing I have learned in life is that you do not have something to share because you heard it from someone else that passed it down from some long line of people. The truth that you have to share is because of your eyes being opened and your direct experiences to that piece of truth.

Of course, it is important to note as well that if we believe something, than it is true in our world. However, if we teach this to others, is it really true for their world? Or are we forcing it to be truth for someone else?

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  1. hello, when I say "I like to surround myself with the white light of the holy spirit", it just makes me feel better and protected. afterall our thoughts create what is reality for us, and this creates just a peaceful thought for me, and I imagine it as a invisible protection. may it surround your wonderful being.

  2. May I add a comment
    in may 2009 whilst cycling at speed (pedal cycling) I hit the corner of a tractor hauled trailer which was turning right. It seems that I went to pass on nearside, wrong place wrong time.
    Badly broken vetebrea, ribs, hand arm one lung down and smashed skull brain covering scraped. Fortunatly wearing helmet. three weeks later cannot remember last half mile, but at night time (lying prone for 9 weeks) memory of seeing feet next to me, then moving upwards looking down at "me" say about 20ft, very white intense but pleasant light. I could see me being moved to air ambulance and as passed through Clam Doors of RED air ambulance I rejoined "me"!
    Nurse looking after me realised that something was causing major distress, I was then 63 and I am married, but found this whole experience far worse than the problems of physical recovery which were bad enough. August 2011 I had one session with a counsellor who gave me a rational explanation which helps me now coping with for example TV reminders. As an engineer & Accountant I can assure you this is me first hand. Yes do believe maybe it is a stage on the way, I have been given another chance. Hope this helps Peter F Cornwall UK

  3. @Gil Fitz - thank you for sharing what you did. I love to hear first hand accounts of stories like yours on this subject.

  4. hi ... it's a privilege to comment on your article

    you are right that there is a big difference between a WHITE LIGHT VISUALIZATION and an AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE ...

    the real AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE can be described simply as how the MATRIX II Reloaded has showed it when Keannu Reeves was about to talk to the architect (I hope that I am right that what you experience was the same, just like with me)

    i would understand all of you, if you will not believe me ... I can't even believe it myself ...

    the AUTHENTIC WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE, happened just lately to me ... it was when my baby girl got so sick and at that time she was at a province and I was very far far away from her

    though I am one way or another inclined with metaphysics, but never I knew anything about psychic healing ... but out of desperation, I have to learn it as fast as I could that night

    so using the internet, I gather information, though incomplete, I have no choice but to use it because my intent is pure and good, and it's my baby i'm talking about so I have to do it

    so as I was going to the steps of a psychic healing, first, was relaxation, breathing and then the second one was asking permission to God (or to whomever you believe depending on your religion), in a span of ten to twenty seconds of my session as I was asking for permission to be used as a channel of healing ... then it happened ... the white light I am talking above ... suddenly happened, ALL WHITE no details no whatever, (I would just describe it like when Keannu was about to meet the architect)

    I don't know what happened (because even the psychic healing information I've researched that time did not even mentioned anything about it)

    it was an unchartered territory, but I felt no FEAR, only happiness, amazament and astonishment ... pure happiness

    the next thing I knew when I woke up that morning, I KNEW I WAS NOT DREAMING, in fact I was not even able to psychic heal my baby daughter, because I knew something happened I am not aware of ...

    and then I went back on the net that morning to finish the research, and it came to me that what I experienced was something of a PSYCHIC TRANCE - wherein a psychic can talk to god, or even angles, do astral body or perhaps get his healing power ... something like that

    after knowing that, I am definitely sure that I am not dreaming ...

  5. so I perceived it as a message, it was a message after all since it happened when I was asking directly a permission from God to be a healing channel

    upon further clarification, experts say that what I experience was something I need to experience that night, it may happen or may not happen again, because what we experience vary, and experiences like that happen because that is what we need to be experience that time

    so with all confidence and knowledge, the next night, I AM NOW ABOUT TO COMPLETE MY PSYCHIC DISTANT HEALING FOR MY BABY DAUGHTER ... and yes I did not experience it again so I was able to complete the steps of the healing ... BUT THE NEXT MORNING ... my DAUGHTER HAS BEEN HEALED first thing in the morning.

    and I tested night after night, psychic healing distant persons and results were quite amazing ... people suddenly felt forgiving, and happy ... peaceful but most of all, forgiving ... and when I ask the, all they can say is that ... THEY DON'T KNOW HOW or WHAT THEY FEEL or HOW IT HAPPENED ... the only thing they knew was it's like a THORN was taken out of their heart (this response was very common from my subjects)

    so you are right when we say that we should be very careful when we say white light experience, because believe me, others perceived my experience like that of JOHN TRAVOLTA's phenomenon movie ... but it wasn't

    it was like that of the matrix ... and I forgot to state that after the night I experience that MATRIX WHITE LIGHT style ... I was full of energy the next day ... as in very very very happy and very very very full of energy

    above all, that's how I view things and that's how I can explain it ...

    if there's anything I can't explain further ... all I can say is I really don't know ...






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