Friday, April 29, 2011

Finding Silence In Our World

The other day I was at the park trying to record some nature sounds with my new H2 Zoom Digital Recorder. Right now, I'm loving that recorder but I've still got much to learn in getting exactly what it is that I want to record. I am amazed though at the quality of the recordings that I am able to capture.

Anyway, as I was sitting there in the park and quieting myself, I realized a couple of things. There was much more noise around me than I realized. Yes, I heard the occasional airplane go overhead and for some reason, it seemed like there were many that day. The interesting thing though is I really didn't hear these noises that distinctly until I went back and played the recording on my computer.

In the recording, I found there were various people noises around me that maybe I picked up but I did not hear plainly until I listened to the recording. The planes that I heard overhead seemed to be far off in the distant but on the recording, they were much more distinct than what I thought they were.

There are many projects going on where people are seeking completely silence. In fact, some of the people who record nature sounds will state that they struggle to find truly silent places with no noise. The areas in our world that offer this are becoming much more difficult to find.

Most of us go through our day and we fail to hear all the noises that surround us. From the hum of the florescent light and buzz of a computer fan all the way to the noises of cars, engines, motors and airplanes, we are surrounded. There is so much of these things that we have grown accustomed to, that we do not truly hear them. They exist in the distance to us.

Yet, I can't help but wonder just how much they impact the body and mind. They are noise clutter in our day an they crowd out things that are truly around us which are beautiful to hear. The nervous system has to react to these stimuli in one way or another.

At one time, we lived in a major city and there was constant noise all around us. Even if you lived a distance from one of the main roads, there was hardly a time where things really seemed quiet. Distant noises traveled for miles. Even though it seemed quiet at night or in the back yard, there was noise all around us.

As we find those quiet places in life, we will discover just how many birds and other nature sounds are around us. There is much more there than we can usually pick up on. I still think back to the day we were sitting out in the front of our house and the spring time birds were chirping wildly with joy. Yet, people who were out for a walk failed to notice the loudness of the birds.

Our body does need time for stillness and silence in order to reflect, ponder and create our tomorrows. If we constantly surround our life with noise, than we are robbing ourselves of one of the greatest parts of being human.

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