Saturday, April 30, 2011

Growth Before Our Eyes

I've got some corn growing in my earthboxes and I'm enjoying watching it as well as my other vegetable plants as they grow each day. Sometimes it seems like they change and shoot up overnight while I'm asleep and not looking.

It amazes me how quickly this process unfolds. While it seems like it was yesterday when I planted the cracked little seeds into the soil, I know that it has been several days now. The plants seem to continue to replicate and grow with each passing ray of sunlight and nourishment of water.

Yet, as I'm looking for the actual ears on the corn plants to emerge, I was beginning to wonder if they would arrive. Yesterday, I saw two places which just appeared to be leaves sprouting from the side of the corn stalk. I knew that those had to be the ears of corn forming. Today, when I went out and looked at the corn plants, I saw that there was much more showing up. Now, I see some silk and the resemblance of what looks like an ear of corn forming. Most of this happened in the overnight hours.

I can't help but wonder about how things grow. It fascinates me. Even though we cannot see a blade of grass growing inch by inch, we can see after several days that it does grow. In some parts of the world, you can see this growth much quicker than in other parts. The vegetable plants are the same way in that they grow a little each day but until there are big changes, it is hard sometimes to notice.

Life is like the growth of a plant in many respects. Often we don't see the changes that take place every day. We don't really feel like we are growing and evolving or moving along. Yet, when we look back and we see how far we traveled or grew, it is then that we realize just how much we've been growing.

If we didn't stop every now and then and take note of it, we would probably just try to harvest the fruit, without realizing the beauty of creation. The beauty of growth from creation is what helps us continue to move through life, learning, discovering and offering all that there is available to us.

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