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Mother's Day Facts, Trivia and Things To Do

This post is a tribute to Mom's across the world as we get ready to celebrate Mother's Day on May 8, 2011 (at least here in the United States). I know some parts of the world celebrate it at different times and most likely differently than we do here in the US. I would love to hear how you celebrate it where ever you live and please leave a comment describing that.

This post is of course, dedicated to my own mom who left this world on Jan 4, 2002.

Here are a few facts and trivia about Mother's Day.

- Celebration of Mother's Day officially began in 1914.
- Mothering Sunday in Great Britain took place on the 4th Sunday of Lent.
- In 1872, Julia Ward organized a day of peace for mothers on June 2.
- Ana Jarvis managed to persuade her church to celebrate a day for mothers.
- Ana Jarvis was trying to begin a national campaign until she died in 1905.
- Ana Jarvis's daughter continued the campaign after she passed away.
- Ana Jarvis wanted a quiet day of reflection, prayer and peace with family.
- President Woodrow Wilson signed legislation establishing this day in 1914.
- There are over 82 million mothers in the US.
- Approximately 81% of women between 40 and 44 years old are mothers.
- There are 4 million new mothers each year.
- The average for a new mother is 25 years.
- July is the most popular month to have a baby.
- Tuesday is the most popular day of the week when babies are born.
- In 2010, there were 5 million stay at home moms.
- Mother's Day is the third most popular holiday after Christmas.
- Eve is considered the mother of all living in the bible.
- Over 120 million calls are made on Mother's Day.
- Nearly 80% of Americans by a card for their mom on Mother's Day.
- Approximately 139 million Mother’s Day cards are given each year
- 83% of the cards purchased on Mother's Day are by daughters.
- Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants
- The special flower for Mother's Day is a carnation.
- In 2008 in the US, 42,746 births did not occur in hospitals.
- Cards and Flowers are the most popular gifts on Mother's Day.
- In 2008, there were 777,817 child care centers in the US.
- There are 9.9 million single mothers in the US in 2010.
- In The US, Mother's Day is always the second Sunday of May.
- Mother's Day is the second most popular gift giving day.
- Hallmark has been producing cards for this day since 1920.
- The average person will spend about $127 on Mother’s Day gifts.
- About $1.9 billion are spent on flowers for Mother's Day.
- Almost $2.9 billion is spent on taking mom to lunch on this day.
- About $1.5 billion is spent on Mother's Day gift certificates.
- Men spend much more than women on Mother’s Day
- Having children later in life may help moms to live longer.
- Over 30,000 single mothers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most moms like to just spend time with their families and children on Mother's Day. Sure, going out to eat or buying her something makes the day special. I'll bet though if you asked any mom what she enjoyed most, and it would be spending a leisurely day, relaxing, talking or doing something together. So here's a few ideas to get you started but be creative! This is only a start! And Mom's, feel free to print this out and leave it laying around the house. Maybe you could wall paper the bedroom doors of your kids room with it. Just kidding of course (or am I?)

Things To Do With Your Mom On Mother's Day

- Spend time and hang out with your mom.
- Visit the park with your mom.
- Take mom to the movies.
- Go ice skating or roller skating.
- Clean the house for your mom.
- Wash and wax your mom's car.
- Go on a picnic.
- Buy or build her a front porch swing or hammock.
- Create a hand made card for her.
- Make a scrapbook together with your mom.
- Play a board game together as a family.
- Create an inspirational book of her favorite quotes.
- Create a coupon book of things you'll do for her during the year.
- Go for an ice cream cone.
- Treat her to a nice relaxing afternoon at the spa.
- Just talk to your mom and share your life with her.
- Make a simple breakfast in bed for her.
- Have her go on a scavenger hunt for thank-you's around the house.
- Plant flowers with her.
- Put a CD of her favorite music together.
- Bake something together and you clean up the kitchen.
- Go shopping together.
- Take her to a concert, a zoo or area attractions.
- Take a day trip.
- Go to a coffee shop.
- Take your mom out to eat or cook her a meal.
- Take a walk together.
- Give your mom a day away from everyone to relax.
- Tell her you love her.
- Give her a list of things of how much she means to you.
- Play her a song on whatever instrument you play.
- Compose a song and sing it to her.
- Give your mom a day to just read a good book by herself.
- A day of rest or a do absolutely nothing day.
- Those truly touching we appreciate you moments and gifts.
- Anything you can do that makes her feel special and wanted.
- Weed and clean her flower bed out.
- Create a photo album of old memories.
- Make a tribute video to your mom and be creative.
- Take her to the beach for the day.
- Download for your mom a relaxing music CD.
- Have a family portrait taken or painted.
- If you're a kid living at home, clean your room without being told.
- Write a poem together for your mom.
- Create an ecard for your mom.
- Check out local resources for activities on mother's day.
- Create a family history with your mother.
- Enjoy and celebrate the holiday of Mother's Day.

Whatever you decide to do on Mother's Day, keep it simple and make it something that you will cherish with your mom for years to come. It isn't about seeing how much money you can buy or how much you can impress your mom. Mother's Day is about showing your mom how much you care about her and how much she means to you. Hopefully you have had a mom that truly cared for you and if you did not, my heart does go out to you.

I created a CD called, Relaxing Spa Music: Mother's Day, and the music came out of my love and dedication to my mom. I lost my mom in 2002 and she is forever in my heart and in my music. This CD is one that is just as the name implies, it is a relaxing spa CD. I hope you will take a moment and check it out. It is available on Amazon or iTunes. You can listen to sound clips and learn more about it on my website.

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  1. There's some really good information here about Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. yeah they are helpful but not what i am looking for.... My mom loves fashion and jewlery and presents. So that is the problem i dont know if she knows that that day is mothers day or weather she excpects something big
    or just a thank-you.your'e site is helpful to other ppl witch do not include my moms catogory. anyway thx for the other ideas if my first ones back-fire :)






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