Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oprah 200 Men Emmy Award

It is with a great, humbled spirit that I am sharing this video. The Oprah Show, 200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward, received an Emmy Award for this show. I was one of those 200 men and you may be aware of this if you have followed my blog.

When the producer of the show, Candi Carter, shared how emotional it was for them, it was just as emotional for us. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster from the time I was interviewed about the show until it aired and then some time after that. It was gut wrenching at times, frightening at other times and liberating in the same moments. To open up your life and share these things to the world is nothing short of courageous. Each of the 200 men plus the Oprah show staff displayed courage with the 200 men show!

I'm thankful for Oprah and her team along with Tyler Perry for what they did, for not only the 200 of us that were in the show but to all the other survivors out in the world that needed a voice, or just needed to know they weren't alone. When you've been sexually abused as a child, it is difficult to recognize that there are others and that you aren't alone. It takes great guts and determination to heal and move forward from the horrible atrocities that survivors have gone through.

Check this video out of Candi Carter, Senior Producer, talking about the show as they accept the Emmy. Click here for the link to the video

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For resources and additional help, please check out the following website
- - Sexual Abuse Resource Center on

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  1. Don, I don't know what to say...Congratulations somehow doesn't seem quite right, even though recognition came at last.
    I am feeling something that is like relief and pride for a job well done.
    A step in the right direction for 200... yes?

  2. I hear you Natalie. I'm just glad that Oprah did this show and it has helped so many men around the world.

  3. Thank you Don for having the courage to be one of those 200 men. I have watched the show several times since it first aired. The 200 opened doors for others to share their stories as well. The picture was incomplete with just women breaking their silence.






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