Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top Book Reviews May 2011, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma

To learn more about what books I review, please go to the following post on Top Book Reviews (May 4, 2011). On the 5th of every month, my goal is to post a review of 1 or more books that have had a strong impact on my life.

Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly

While this may be tooting my own horn, I thought it was only appropriate to start out the top book reviews by discussing the book that I wrote. In many ways, this book and what has been written in it, has impacted my life in ways I cannot begin to describe.

For the writings in this book did not come without much anguish, frustration and pain. It was a life lived that I would never wish upon anyone. However, I do not want anyone to think this book is about the pain, for it is not. The book is more about the hope and the possibility in the midst of horrible experiences.

Truly, what should matter in our life, is not the pain and despair, but how we rose above that which we lived through and how it impacted our life in a positive way. While it is important to go back and reclaim the past, what we do with the future is by the healing we give ourselves.

This book that I wrote, is a collection of writings that came out of these moments of my own healing. Many that have read this have shared with me that the book really impacted their own life and it was a blessing to them. My only hope is that it will continue to touch the lives of others and for those who have experienced some of the horrors of life, may it give each one a renewed possibility that hope does exist!

If you have been abused, or suffered from depression or had suicidal thoughts, than this book is for you!

To order the book on Amazon, click here ($14.99)

For more information on the book, click here (to go to my website)

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