Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dream of Bears and Horses

In a dream I had recently, I have recorded it on the blog and did some research into what some of these things mean. Here is the dream along with links at the bottom of the page for the following blog posts that detail some of what these dream symbols mean.

In the dream, for some reason, I was taking a group of people out into the woods for a nature excursion. We went to this log cabin that had brightly colored tan logs and a high pitched roof. It had a beautiful porch in the front and I believe there was a lake nearby out in the front yard maybe a 100 yards away.

The trees were tall thin pine trees with most of their branches toward the sky and it was a bright sunny day. I could see the clear blue sky above the trees with an occasional small think white cloud floating by. The wind was gently blowing through the breeze.

There was a small group of people on this excursion and each of us had come to the cabin by horse. The horses were a medium shade of brown. Our horses were loaded down with everything we needed including food. As we were gathering that morning, I was telling everyone that there were bears in the woods.

I remember telling everyone that the bears would leave us alone most of the time but if they were hungry and smelled our food, they might come after us. I told them that if the bears came after us, the best thing to do was to climb up a tree and let the bears have the food because our safety came first.

No sooner had I told them this, there were at least two bears, maybe three that came around and went after the food we had saddled up on the horses. I saw one bear with his hooves upon the horse tearing the food pouch to shreds to get to the food.

The horse was scared but with the two other bears around it, there wasn’t much it could do. All I could hear was the sounds the horses were making as everyone hurried into the cabin. We all watched in horror through the window and at that moment, I screamed out with a one syllable word, waking myself up from sleep.

I had to readjust myself to the room and convince myself that the bear was not roaming through the bedroom so I could go back to sleep.

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