Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pain Hurts Because I Slept Wrong

How often do you say, “I slept wrong or moved wrong,” as a way to explain pain you wake up with or experience during your day? If you do, then you are much like me and many others who misplace the source of pain. You can go on blaming unrelated things for the pain that hurts but it won’t get you very far.

Last night, I had a dream where I was violently attacking someone that caused me great harm in my life. It is actually a person that I don’t think much about these days. In this dream, I was victorious and felt a sense that I conquered this person.

When I got ready to wake up, I noticed that my shoulders and upper back were in some intense pain. It was pain that was “fearful” and so intense that I was tempted to take a pain killing medication.

While I could make excuses for my pain and reasons I hurt, I can clearly see the connection between the dream and the painful state I woke up in. I could freak out and head for pain med city or I could allow the connection in my mind. If I stay with the thoughts, feelings or emotions, then I will move through it, much like I am doing already. If I add slight mind – body connected movement to it, the pain and hurt will dissipate much quicker.

We often fool ourselves about the source of pain in our body. We fail to stop and check what is going on at that moment or right before it started. Usually what is going on in our life shows up in our body. If we stop and notice it, we can do so much healing in our life and learn the lessons that our body is trying to teach us. If we choose to head to the medicine cabinet, for pain pills we’ll only delay the opportunity for greater awareness and learning in our life.

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  2. First off, putting links directly in the text is not acceptable on this blog. The previous comment has been edited by the administrator. Please see the comment policy before commenting further. Thanks for your understanding.

    Second - The entire premise behind this post is not about taking "something" a drug or natural product to get rid of pain. Obviously, either this was missed while reading the post or something of which I am not sure.

    Our body through pain is trying to get our attention about something in our life. Reaching for pain pills or medications or supplements will only be a temporary fix. It is not a solution no matter how anyone tries to convince me. Until we go in and deal with what is going on in our life or what we have not dealt with, will our pains go away. That is the premise of the post.

    I just hope that we as a people will wake up one day and realize that the answers do not lie in some pill that we take. Only then will we begin to understand what life is really all about.






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