Monday, May 30, 2011

Peace On Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, let peace spread from our life to others in the world. Let us find a way today, to spread that peace and make this world a better place.  (Quote taken from the Hope, Inspiration, And Encouragement Blog)

It is easy for many people to want and desire peace.  While this is a noble idea, sometimes we look to the wrong places for peace.  We feel that it is our government leaders, or  military personnel that must bring about peace in the world.   Sometimes we look to our churches, religions and ministers or priests to bring about the peace we so desire.  Wherever it is that we find our peace, may I suggest that we are looking in the wrong place.

Peace starts within each one of us.  When we are at war with ourselves, we will find the world at war with one another.  When we are struggling within ourselves, the world we know is struggling.  When we are at peace with ourselves, we will find peace reigns throughout the world.

That which we want and desire is located within our mind, body and spirit.  It is where we will find peace for our lives and our day.  We need not see the world only through the eyes of turmoil, hatred and bad news.  We can see the world through our eyes as we allow ourselves to find the way to be at peace within.

I write these words to myself and share them with you, the reader.  If these words have touched your heart, please allow them to touch the hearts of those that you know as we honor all on this day, Memorial Day.

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  1. beautifully put. Peace does start within ourselves, it does not mean we have to be perfect, but trying to be as loving as you can for own self and for others. Peace and love are almost same things for me, when you love people around you peace overflows in your being, and the more peace you have the more love you offer. These days I try not to watch the news anymore, for it is all about violence and negative news..we are bombarded with bad, negative things and the more we watch such things, one tends to dwell into negative thoughts. Now the new OWN channel hopefully will do more positive and growth shows for the mind, body and spirit. I loved Oprah's last show, her talk and words were so up to date, and spiritual I thought...

  2. @Mary Ann - I love your comment to because what you said is so important. You wrote that so beautifully as well and thank you for saying that. I so agree with you on the last show of Oprah. It was really heart felt and deep.






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