Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How I Write Blog Posts

Sometimes, I am sure that people wonder where my blog posts come from and I'm sure that it seems at times, the topics I write about are all over the place. While this blog is a collection of thoughts about the mind body connection, it is also my personal journey into the awareness of the mind and body.

My personal journey is where I draw inspiration and by writing and sharing my personal life with the world, I hope that others will benefit and grow in their own awareness as humans. There are too many in this world that preach the word of truth to others not based upon personal experience, but founded upon what others have told them to be the truth.

I don't claim to have the complete truth either but I share my experiences, my learning and what I gather as I become more aware as a human. Throughout my life, I have never shied away from pushing myself to my limits and beyond. In fact, most people would struggle to keep up with the pace that I have taken on in my life.

Many years ago, a boss once told me that I was harder on myself than they ever would be or could be on me. I have had to learn how to temper those expectations over the year and go a little easier on myself. However, the point I am trying to make is, I don't back down much in my life when it comes to pushing myself into awareness, learning and all that there can be.

As I take these things that I experience and apply them to life, others that read the words that I write, are then getting a glimpse into those experiences. In doing this, my hope is that many will identify with my words, understand the process and be inspired as a result. It is my hope that others will be inspired and will push themselves to greater places than they are currently.

It is never easy to push ourselves and step out of the comfort zones. In fact, our society and culture really does not push us to do that for the most part and there is plenty of evidence to prove this point. Yet, if we want to be all we can be and evolve into a better human, we must constantly question ourselves and not accept where we are as the absolute truth.

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