Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Announcement!  Announcement!  They are everywhere ladies and gentleman.  Look for them in your closets, your doorways, the trees outside or on the roadways.  Triggers will show up everywhere they can.

I know, we're taught to ignore the triggers and act like grown up adults.  We're the ones in control and we don't let those little pesky triggers rule our day.  That's for those that don't have their lives together, right?


Triggers are everywhere.  They lurk in the shadows and sometimes meet us at the waters edge.  They show up when we least expect it and often while we are running so fast, they outpace us.

Triggers can take you down to your knees or they can just continue to allow you to feed by nibbling on them each day.  Triggers can present themselves as the sustenance to your life while all the time sneaking up on you from behind.

Triggers can make us think we are dying or they can make us think we are experiencing something we are not.  Triggers are very good at being deceptive and altering their appearance so as to not be detected.

Often triggers leave you lying by the roadside as if you were kicked out of a moving car.  They leave you for dead as if someone that has been beat down so badly in life.  They run over you like a speed bump.

The thing though about triggers is that they are just that - a trigger.  They really don't have power or control over you, unless you give it to them.  They really don't have an agenda, other then to show up and ambush you.

Yes, they are everywhere.  Yes, we can be impacted by them daily whether we want to see them or not.  The trick though is to recognize when they show up and let them know who is boss.  After all, they are not the boss of your life.

Triggers can be tough to deal with and believe me, I know that first hand.  Sometimes they sneak up on me so quickly, I barely know they have attacked.

Sometimes it takes me awhile to see what has happened, but if I can hold my awareness and stay conscious, then I have the option of taking back my power from them.  It may be easy to give our power up to them, but we can also take it back.

So, the next time you see a trigger advance, take note of it and identify it.  Let it know that you are calling it out of the shadows and that you are the one in control.   If it has already attacked, just do a post game analysis and be more prepared for it the next time the trigger tries to attack.

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  1. I do understand them. I think it's important to start to notice them and try and figure out why they're there. When I can do that I take some of the power back.






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