Thursday, January 7, 2016

Afraid Of Fear

We're there!  We've been a downhill trajectory for a long time and now we're just digging deeper into fear.  So many and I mean so many are so afraid of fear that reality isn't even a close relative now.

At one time (maybe it was just an illusion), we all were not a bunch of fear freaks scampering to every potential thing that happened in a day or didn't happen.  Now, we are all waiting it seems to run from anything that might make a whisper.

It is really sad to be honest.  We are at an all time high for panic and depression.  We are at an all time high of trusting no one and fearing everyone.  We're afraid of people who look different than us.  We are afraid of sounds that turn out to be nothing meaningful.

I thought it would balance out at some point, but I think I'm wrong.  We are so afraid of fear that I wonder just how long it will be before we reach the ultimate, point of no return tipping point.  I'm not sure we are that far away from this.

In the meantime, fear is causing not only mental disturbance issues, but all kinds of health issues.  Fear is forcing us to do things we wouldn't normally do and consuming us to the point where normal things in life look frightening.

Everyone thinks that by following the constant minute by minute replays of news, they are somehow giving themselves sustenance and facts, but in many ways, they are just adding to the fear.  News isn't news and it is only designed to hook you and reel you in, but that doesn't stop anyone. 

Everyone thinks that by taking more and more health procedures that we are somehow handling the crisis.  Unfortunately this just takes everyone further and further from being connected to their body.  It takes them further into the dark whole where the health issues compound themselves and grow with unbridled expansion.

Instead of learning to respect and love one another, we treat everyone as the enemy.  We and our politicians degrade anyone that is different than us and anyone that might help us gain more power, money or control.  It doesn't matter which side of the issue we are on, because we all do it through what we mind numbingly share and like on social media every day.

It is sad how we have lost site of where we are and who we are at in a day.  I can see the nervous system spinning out of control in most people I meet, but we still walk into the fog, thinking that we are walking into the sun.

Where will it all stop and reverse?  I am not sure.  I can't see how we can continue on as humans in this manner.  The universe strives for balance and the further we swing one way or the other, the more it will take to bring us back into balance.  May we all do that before it is past the point of no return.

If only we could do little things every day, rather then hiding our heads in the sand.  If only we could figure out what it truly means to be grounded, not just something that we tell the world that we are.  If only we could get back to discovering what it means to be aware of our innermost self instead of looking to blame, ridicule, mock, and disrespect others.

I know, it seems like a dream right now.  It continues to be my dream and my hope.

Listen to the YouTube Video below of Joy Harjo and the Fear Poem. It is powerful!

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