Sunday, January 3, 2016

Unconsious But Enlightened

An epidemic is at hand I say.  I mean this is a breaking news story.  This is the "truth" for the moment.  I mean, you need to hear what I say because my product, my belief, my stuff I push upon you is the only thing that matters.

Every day we have far too many in this world that claim to be enlightened and all knowing and have the latest and greatest thing or news or belief.  Yet, being unconscious is at an all time high.

You can recite mantras, you can recite your beliefs but it doesn't mean you are any more conscious than the person next to you.

You can claim you know how to raise your vibration and clear your evil energy.  You can claim that you know all and those that don't are just not far along on their path, but it doesn't mean you are any more conscious than the person next to you.

You can claim to have the latest gadget or supplement that will make your brain rewrite every bad thing that ever happened to you.  You can claim to have the latest miracle cure that with one zap cures you of all future illness, but it doesn't mean you are any more conscious than the person next to you.

See, we like to claim how great or wonderful or loving or conscious we are.  We like to claim that we know best and the latest fad we have found will be the savior of the world.  We like to portray just how conscious and knowing we are so that others will listen to us and boost our frail ego.

Being conscious means you need to know what your body feels like from the innermost depths and that's not a one time thing.  It isn't a moment where you've done some work and said, I'm enlightened.  It is a daily process of dealing with what comes your way in life.

Being conscious is about going in and actually feeling the body, not ignoring it because we are numb.  Being unconscious is sitting there in pain and not even knowing it, or sitting there with stuck energy and thinking your life is one happy meme after another.

Unconsciousness is the norm these days.  Very few people go in and really feel what they feel in their body.  Most are too busy being so numb to it that we continue to avoid what we feel each day.

Time and time again I see the unconscious behavior and I'm not just talking about how people act in a day.  I'm describing that when you go and stop for a moment, what do you feel in your body.  I've seen far too many including myself that do not feel a thing until they stop and begin a "PROCESS" of sensing in their body.

It is very easy to numb and avoid and be unconscious.  We can think we aren't, but well that is numbness and avoidance.  It is much harder to be conscious and find an enlightening moment where  you feel something in your body.  The minute you feel something in your body is the moment where you are connected to your body.

I challenge anyone reading this to see what they can find in their own body.  Don't take my word for it that you may be unconscious.    Find the moment of enlightened sensitivity where you connect with your body in a way that you never have.  Then follow that sensation through and feel the edges of where it goes.

There is no greater learning and awareness then when we go deep inside.  We have always been instructed to "know thyself", but we practice avoidance and numbness far more than we embrace consciousness and enlightenment.

By the way, I don't mean by enlightenment that it is some light from nirvana showing up.  It just means that you have connected to something greater within you and an awareness has kicked on.

Go ahead though... test this out and see if you can prove it to be valid or not.  Don't just take my word for it.

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