Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why Make Fun Of People

Everyday on Facebook and Twitter and I'm sure a hundred other social media sites, there is just so much shared that is disrespectful.  It is not human.  I just don't understand why people think it is okay and fun and correct to make fun of people.

So what if the person is different?  So what if they have a different color skin?  It doesn't matter if they are gay or small or overweight or have pointed noses and ears.

It is disgusting how people do this and then they propagate it on by sharing and liking it and forwarding it.  Despicable! I have even seen upstanding people who think they are on the right side of politics forward some pretty disgusting stuff.  At the same time, they claim how bad the other side is?

Quit sharing and liking and forwarding the stuff on.  That will help a the entire world a tremendous amount.  Quit seeing everyone different from you as someone you should fear and hate and loathe.  Quit listening to the every day news stories that claims you should hate or dislike certain groups.

If we did this in school when we were younger, we would have gotten in trouble for it.  We expect more from our children then we do for ourselves.  It is like we are telling our children to do what we say, but don't do what you see us do.  Actions speak louder than words.

Why anyone makes fun of people, I don't understand.  We are all cells, tissues, organs and bones.  We all have a heart and a brain, toes and feet, arms and hands.  We are all human and we speak different languages.  We see things differently and we believe differently.  We are all essentially the same makeup biologically.

Instead of making fun of other people, why don't we try see just how much we are alike.  Let's see the similarities with others and try to ignore the differences.  We're not going to survive as a human civilization if all we do is make fun of people each hour of every day.

When we make fun of people, it is the same as when we make fun of ourselves.  We don't value our self enough to see the good in others.  We don't respect our self enough to respect others.

It is time we stop and reverse the course that we are now on.  We have lowered ourselves to such a low level that the mud pit of life is getting pretty crowded.  We're trampling upon each other just to entertain ourselves, but one of these days we will need each other.  Hopefully Facebook and Twitter isn't around to stop that!

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