Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Little Boy Afraid Of Power

Years ago in a little village in another world, there was a little boy that was over powered by all the leaders of the village.  Even if they demanded that various atrocities be done, the little boy had no way to stop them.  He wanted to alert everyone and the world outside the village, but everyone was too afraid.

As the days went by, the little boy had no choice but to do what the big leaders of his village told him to do and demanded of him.  He had no way to stop it.  He had no way to fight back or change it.  The only thing he could do was try to endure it.

Now, to this day, the little boy still struggles with power.  He is afraid of it.  He is afraid of what others do with their powers and sees this play out every day of his life.  He is even afraid of what would happen if he was powerful.  It is just easier at times for the little boy to endure the struggle as he did since he was a small boy.

Everyone tries to tell the little boy that he is able to rise above those that would use their power to harm.  Everyone tries to tell the little boy that even if he had powers, he would not do the same as the harmful leaders did to him.  He has learned from the past and now he would know what to do with his powers.

Unfortunately, the only world the little boy knows is that power hurts others and it is extremely hard for him to see things differently.  He continues to try and let go of the past, but images of yesterday seem to be as real as if the events were happening today.

The little boy hopes that in the future, power will be used for something good, not to harm others or tear others apart.  He hopes that he will learn that using power in the right way is beneficial for all, not necessarily something that harms, frightens, and silences other people.

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