Friday, January 15, 2016

Cow In The Road

Did you ever hear that story?  The one that gets shared about the cow in the road?  If not, let me refresh your memory so we can all be on the same page.

There is a person driving through the country enjoying the nighttime peacefulness.  The road is winding and narrow.  All of the sudden, he sees this car coming towards him barreling at a fast speed.  It is honking its horn frantically and flashing its lights.  The driver of that car is hanging out the window hollering "cow" at the top of their lungs.

Of course, this person wonders what kind of a crazy fool is that, hollering and honking their horn.  They must be crazy as they were driving erratically and screaming.  The person thinks how rude and horrible this person driver is.

However, as the person rounds the corner of the curved road, he sees the cow in the middle of the road.  The crazy oncoming driver was trying to warn him before it was too late. 

We are just like that person driving that fails to see what is before us. We think we have it all together and so we portray that to the world.  Yet, we don't see the parts before us.  We act as if everything is okay and that if you get the alerts, you disregard them.

Our society is like that.  Alerts are there and the behavior that others are doing to one another is there.  Yet, we fail to see them.  We think everything is fine.  We think it is the other guy that has the problem but not us.

We can keep going through life oblivious to what is right before us, thinking that we have it all under control.  If we keep doing that, we will be like the driver rounding the curve in the road not even aware of what lies ahead.

It is our choice what we do, but our actions have serious impacts on the road ahead.  We can either be aware and see them or we can continue to hide our head in the sand.  Which will you do?

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