Friday, January 1, 2016

Respect Others

In this day and age of politics, anything goes.  We tend to portray one thing about how great we are, while doing just the opposite to those on the other side.  It doesn't matter which party or which candidate we stand for, it is the same across the board.  We show very little respect for others that don't share our views.

I wish we would respect others at all times, not just the times that are convenient for your life.  I wish we would respect others when they don't deserve it.  I wish we would respect others when everyone else is trashing those from the opposite side.

For when we respect others, we respect ourselves.  When we degrade others, we degrade ourselves.  When we lower ourselves to the lowest form of discourse, it is then that we find the mud-pit of life.

If you think it is just the other guys that do this, then you're mistaken.  If you think you have the right ideals and you share, like, forward, copy, or write things that are anything but flattering, you're mistaken.  If you do it because everyone else does it, you are mistaken about what respecting others means.

We live in a country and world where everyone is so angry with each other, that the gloves have come off.  Rules of common decency and respect do not matter anymore.  We live in a country where it is normal to degrade the other person because we feel they are degrading us.

Where did we lose our humanity?  Where did we lose what it means to walk hand in hand through this life?  Where did we begin failing one another each and every day.

You may think I'm over-reacting or I am all doom and gloom, but I see Facebook and Twitter and the daily news full of this.  I see a lack of respect for others at an all time high and its by those who think they are better than others.  It is done by those who think they are somehow on the right track while the others are not!

We owe it to one another to come together and find our common good.  We owe it to one another to respect others so that we can say we have respect for ourselves.  If we stand opposed, how will anyone ever hear what we think or how will we hear what they think?

May we learn to celebrate our differences and embrace those that we do not agree with or understand.  May we begin this process by searching our own heart and life, so that we can learn once again, what it means to be  human

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