Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fact And Fiction

Some days life perplexes me.  I see people following things that just don't make sense to me.  Whether it is new age practices or politics or some belief system, I find it difficult to understand.  In my eyes, too much of it doesn't add up, but maybe I'm missing something.

I see people following a sales page for some product and exclaiming the item works miracles.  Unfortunately, I don't see any hard based evidence to back this up, other than what they think it is doing.  Then, the claims that it is the best miracle since life began are regurgitated and spread around as fact.

I see people following belief systems that don't add up.  They may have some nice things in them and some very believable things, but they aren't all there in my view.  It is like, sprinkling some sugar on a doughnut.  It might make it taste better, but is it really needed for the doughnut.   Maybe 50% of it is based upon things that are true and the other 50% of it is based upon what the person or group thinks is true.

I see people following politics and news items of the day that make me really roll my eyes.  It is like their political view or their political candidate is the true one - the right one - the one with all the answers.  They degrade and shred all the others using name calling to prove their points.  In fact, most don't even realize they are calling names.  It has become such a common every day practice.  No one tries to listen to another and in all reality, the politicians have hoodwinked everyone.

We have to be careful in what we believe and follow.  Some of it is just pure horse pucky.  Some of it gets so lost in the stuff that isn't true that it makes it hard to sort out what is true.  Facts and fiction become one and the same.

Most of what is said in a day is not necessarily fact, but we all treat it as fact.  Too much of it is opinion coated with a sprinkling of facts.

It is time that we all start watching what we say and question our own words and intentions.  If we're not careful, we'll have people following what we say as if it were the foundation of all life, when in fact it might be nothing more than quick sand.

There are probably times on this blog that I make the same mistake, but I try hard to let you know when it is my opinion or belief.  I try to separate that from fact.

It is all part of being human and there are the people that try to separate fact from fiction, all the way down to the snake oil salesman.  Unfortunately these days the snake oil salesman are getting quite crafty and sneaky.  Its sometimes very hard to tell them apart from those who truly do understand fact and fiction.

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