Monday, March 9, 2009

Life On The Balance

Life is about balance. In fact, the universe is about balance. How many times do we stop to consider this in the grand importance that it holds?

Many different modalities, healing methods and philosophies address balance to one degree or another. Some have words for it as in eastern medicine like Ying and Yang or something may say that an individual is either not balanced or balanced. We've got all kinds of ways to describe this.

In nature, you see the balancing taking place because there is the hot to the cold, the summer to the winter, the storms to the tranquil days. You can see animals such as kittens race together, play together and then lay down and groom each other together in relaxation. It's all about balance.

I remember back in one of my high school biology classes where the teacher was telling us that all stress is not bad. Negative stress is just as valuable as positive stress in our lives. Without negative stress, we might just sit there and kind of be bumps on a log or never grow or basically just exist.

While negative stress is a good thing, please keep in mind that if we are inundated with negative stress constantly and we do nothing to discharge (or balance) the stress, than our bodies become something that we do not enjoy living in. We need that moment of discharge and that point of deep therapeutic relaxation for our bodies to bring us back towards the line of balance. On the other hand if all we ever had was positive stress (or 100% relaxation) all the time, than our bodies would not necessarily be pushed to evolve and grow. It is through those difficult moments, that when we find peace once again in our lives, we observe just how much we learned.

Let's not stop though in thinking that balance is just a matter of either being stressed out or being in a state of relaxation. That would be too simplistic and somewhat miss the point of balance in our lives. In our bodies, there is a master healing system and when one gets in touch with this and allows it to take over, our body can transform in ways we are not even aware of. It is a wonderful system that helps us discover new things about ourselves, heals our bodies and sets us on a forward path of being human, being conscious and having awareness.

Imagine bringing the body into a state of relaxation or surrender. You may also call it letting go. Whatever descriptive word fits, use it. In this state, the body and the nervous system knows and detects that it is in a safe and trusted place. It is a state where the connection between the mind and the body are one and they are working together. However, this state may not necessarily discharge that negative stress that has built up in our bodies. So while the relaxation is wonderful and the connection is great, without the discharge there is no room for total peace within our bodies.

Keeping all of this in our minds, what if we revved up the body's reaction, with it still being in this safe and trusted place, to push us to the point where we allow ourselves to go in and discharge that negative stress which is residing in our body. It would be then, that we would find a more total and deep moment of peace, not only in our bodies, but in our mind. It is truly a moment of deep healing within us because the negative stress had resided in our body as negative energy. It is potential energy just waiting to be freed and when it is free, the potential for transformation is off the charts. The negative stress or trapped energy no longer holds us back, drains our energy and causes all kinds of health conditions. It gives us one of the greatest gifts we could ever give ourselves in life.

Unfortunately too many times, our culture has taught us that we need to flee from the pain, the hurts, the negative stress in our lives. When in reality, we need to embrace it and go deep into it because at that moment, our lives will be transformed. It is in the balance and the discharge of the negative stress that we find peace, fulfillment and a greater awareness about our lives.

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