Monday, March 23, 2009

My Enteric Brain Journey, Sep 1, 2004

Here is an account of a session with Dr. Canali in 2004. My reason for sharing this from my journal are to help bring about awareness to all that is possible through this simple but deep form of healing. Please keep checking back for future postings from my journal.

August 28, 2004
I was feeling pretty good since the last session with Dr. Canali. In fact doing the computer job this last week, I was much calmer in working with the computers and I felt much surer of myself when meeting new people. However today I started feeling the anger again and like I was in a place like a couple of weeks ago. This place was full of anger and sort of like I didn’t know where I was or who I was. It was just like I was spinning out in outer space somewhere. When I got my haircut, she washed my hair and I am not sure if that is what changed things or not, but I seemed to calm down after that. I know I have a lot of anger within me and I hope that one day very soon it will be gone.

September 1, 2004 – Session With Dr Canali
Whew... what a night, I'm exhausted! I told Dr. Canali that some days I feel at peace and then other days I feel like tornadoes are going off inside of me - rage, frustration, sucking the air out of me. Not fun when it bounces back and forth between these things. He adjusted my neck because after I fell the other day, I think I sort of put it out of place. It does feel better. I had a lot of shaking in my legs and it was like my legs locked on me and wouldn't move (just like when I got paralyzed and it was scary to me). Dr. Canali says that what I am experiencing is part of the process and I will trust him for now but it ain't easy! I wish I could go more often because it might help. Of course he told me today that I needed to use the ball more because my gut was a bunch of knots and couldn't take much work at all.

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