Thursday, August 20, 2015

Relaxing In The Best Moment Of The Day

The actors are all there.  The players often show up one by one.  Its that time of day.  A coolness of temperature exists.  A brightness of light shines through.  It is one of my favorite times of the day.  It is a time of relaxing in the best moment of the day.

During the morning from around the 8 am to 9 am time frame, I love lying in my hammock and relaxing.  It is my time of the day especially during the summer.  The coolness of the air as the wind drifts gently around me and the newness of the morning air are so refreshing.

The sun is breaking through strongly into the trees as a shadow behind the house.  The leaves on the trees glisten and change with brightness of color as the wind nudges them one way or another.  It feels like a lighter time of day.  It feels like a moment where all my cares are not in view.

Watching the birds fly around and play and chase one another is like one of the best unscripted movies I watch.  Some sit on the high wires basking in the sun.  Other birds chase each other zooming and zipping through the trees.  Their different colors emanate against the background of the green trees and blue sky.

The serenade of the birds chirping at different pitches and intensities.  Their sounds drift through and augment the peacefulness of the morning.  Together they sound like well tuned and timed moments of an ongoing symphony.  Separately, they sound like momentary notes of joy.

Squirrels run and play across the fence and through the trees as if they have to keep an eye out for something coming after them.  They stop and balance on the individual fence slats, then take off as if they are running the race of their lifetime.  Their fluffy bodies show a flexibility and agility that is beautiful to watch.

The hammock with its little pillow and soft comfortable pad suspends me in air.  It is relaxing. It is like I can just let go and be in that moment with no worries or cares or concerns.  It is in that moment in my hammock that I couldn't care less about the chaos to come.  It is my time.

It is one of the most beautiful times of the day.  There is so much that happens outside around me and I'm careful not to miss one small part of it.  Sometimes I just drift off and close my eyes and focus on my breath.  At other times I am amused at how the birds and squirrels play.

Yes, the chaos of my day will soon start, but its that moment that I just say - NOT YET!  It is my moment that I can refresh and reclaim and re-balance myself from a night of sleep.  It is that moment, the best moment of the day, where I feel energized and invigorated.

I enjoy relaxing in the best moment of the day.  

When is your best moment of the day?  Feel free to leave a comment below and describe it.  I would love to hear it.

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