Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Group Think

I'm always amazed at humans and society.  We know how to bring others into line with group think.  Sure, you can say what you want and we have a freedom (at least in this country) to say what we want, but if it goes against group think, there will be heck to pay.  It may be in politics or religions or in the job, community, or family.

Before you think that you don't participate in this, try saying something in your circle of people that goes against what they think or believe.  See how far you get before you get the rolling of the eyes, the clicking of the shocked faces or the silence of the key people.  See how long it takes before you notice how people look at you differently or out of disbelief.  See how long it takes before they gang up and smack you down?  Even in the groups that say they don't do this!

We have so many ways that we keep our circle in life within our means of what we want to hear, believe, speak, or think.  It happens every day.  Virtually no one is immune or able to hold this off.

In jobs, they want the best and the brightest, but when it comes to a differing opinion, they often want you to not share that with the boss.  After all, he/she doesn't understand what you all do, so it is far easier to just keep it between you and your immediate group and not rock the boat.

In churches and religious circles, you dare don't disagree with the minister and others in the church.  Sure, you can act a little like you do, but if you push that too far, there will be many waiting to counsel you.  You may notice it by not being one of the trusted few who become the inner workings of the church.

In politics, if you don't follow the line of the party or the particular group thought for whatever side of the issue you should be on, the key people come out and make sure everyone knows how terrible of a person you are.  It doesn't mean what you say is right or wrong.  They just don't want anyone to dissent while proclaiming that they do.

In families, try to point out the issues or fallacies of a parent or other member and see just how far you get. You might get labeled as an unruly child.  You might get told how bad of a person you are for not showing love to the other family members.  Whatever way the leaders of the family use, the message will come through loud and clear that you are out of line.  Thou shall not question those in authority rings true.

Even in new age circles, you have to adhere to group think.  Try to go against what is taught and preached and see how far you get.  I recently did that and they just looked at me in disbelief.  In fact, what I was trying to say basically came through as a foreign language to them.  They just continued on preaching what they knew to preach, not taking time to consider that there may be more to it than they knew at this moment.

Group think is alive and well no matter who you are or where you are from or what you belong to in this culture.  In fact, if you're going to belong to a group, there is a synchronicity that happens and if everyone is not extra careful, the ego will see to it that group think is alive and well.  It takes great energy and courage to stand up to group think.

In the end, group think only gets you so far.  It disillusions those that follow it.  It falls short of what someone may need for their life and so they move on, wandering aimlessly down the road of life.  Group think may be helpful in times of movements of change, but it can also be a detriment by the time everyone wakes up.

We must always strive to know thyself more and more each day.  We must always strive to shred the cloak of group think and actually see what matters to us in our life.  If all you're doing is agreeing with people, beware of the group think you currently practice.

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