Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work Until You Drop

In this country, we don't seem to know how to take good care of ourselves.  We end up working in jobs that force you to work until you literally drop.  If someone has a heart attack or gets sick or has back issues, we just tell them to go to the doctor and take some pills.  Then when they come back to work, we expect them to carry on as if nothing happened.

We're programmed in this country to act like robots.  We don't truly care if someone has a good quality of life.  After all to most companies and corporations, that doesn't compute into the bottom line.  Yes, we have slogans and we say we care and we write some nice things, but in the end, it is either kill yourself in a job, or get run over.

I wish we could honor and respect the human existence.  Of course, when people are dead to what truly matters, this is probably asking too much.  An occasional two second break here and there isn't going to solve the problem.  We need to change the entire mindset of what is expected in a work place.

We need to begin honoring people and respecting people as individuals.  We need to see that they are humans.  If the bottom line of profit is all that matters, then one of these days the foundation of your enterprise will crumble.  You can't break the backs of your workers and expect them to give more.

I see this in so many out there and it really angers me.  The human body and mind were not built to work until you drop.  It is causing great issues in the world of health for most people and until we wake up, we're only dooming ourselves to horror, pain, and death.

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