Monday, August 31, 2015

Truly Connecting With People

There is a way to interact with other people.  All too often, we just go through our day sharing our likes and happy slogans online and in everyday life.  Unfortunately in those moments, we are not truly connecting with people.  We are just talking at or to people.

A long time ago, I learned that in order to truly connect with people who needed help and were hurting, preaching to them or telling them what they should do added very little to their life.

In fact, it often turned them away and hurt them to the core.  I see this happening so much in the world.  We are all too quick to tell others what they should do instead of really offering them a hand to hold and a ear to listen.

Do you really want to know how to truly connect with other people?  Begin by sharing yourself and your journey.  Share your pains and struggles.  Share your ah ha moments that changed your life in ways you could never imagine.  Share the rocks you stumbled over in your path and how you managed to crawl up out of the hole after being weary and bruised to the bone.

You see, when we share our heart with one another in a pure essence, their heart can share and unite with us in a way that is powerful beyond any force here on earth.  The power of two hearts that can connect and unite is extremely strong.  It is when we share of ourselves that we are truly united with one another and we are truly connecting.

Platitudes and happy thoughts and telling people what they should do have a place.  However, they are not anywhere nearly as powerful as you holding someone's hand and just listening.  They are not nearly as powerful as you being there and saying almost nothing as they struggle to gain their footing on their path.  They are not nearly as powerful as being there for another illuminating their path with a lantern.

What you do may feel small and insignificant.  It may not feel like it is enough.  You may feel powerless.  To the other person that really needs you, just being there is a monumental accomplishment.  It may be the glue that holds them on their path.  It may be the light that gives them a glimpse ahead to keep going.

Instead of using new age thoughts and platitudes, try truly connecting with people by opening your heart.  Go into your own discomfort and by doing so, you can be there for them.  Go into your own moments of pain and when you do, they will see your life radiate out a oneness between your heart and their heart.

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