Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Give It Up For Food Based Healing

Did you know that the best medicine chest is the one stocked with whole foods?  I say, Give It Up for Food Based Healing!  In starring roles, we have all the fresh vegetables and fruits and herbs.  If you want to impact your life, then this information is for you.  If you don't, no need to bother reading it.  Sorry, if that sounds harsh, but it really is not.

Too many think that some frozen and processed veggies or a small bowl of lettuce is eating healthy.  Hey, at one time I thought that way too, but now I know different.  Sure, you can assay the food and see that there is this vitamin and that vitamin or mineral.  Unfortunately, when you process the food, you destroy the enzymes and the phytochemicals by breaking down the chemical bonds.

Growing up, we had a big garden.  I remember having to go out and weed that thing every day.  I hated it as a kid.  We didn't use weed killer.  We used our own hands to pull the weeds out.  While it was a lot of work every year, I didn't realize just how good we had it.  For a long time, I didn't realize you bought most of your vegetables from the store.  I thought all vegetables came from the garden.

In the 1 day intensive on Conquering Any Disease through Food Based Healing, we learned a lot.  In fact, there was so much information presented, my head is still spinning.  There is so much I could share here, but the main thing is, the majority of us are not eating the foods we should be.  We are definitely eating the things that aren't helpful to us as humans.

Every morning we do our whole food smoothies which means the whole vegetables that we use, go in the blender including the seeds and skin.  I wouldn't pass this up for anything.  No, we don't do juicing or green drinks or other things out there because their benefit doesn't even begin to compare.  I'm sorry if I offend you if you follow these regimes, but I can see the benefit of what I'm doing verses these other programs.

Food consumption in our country isn't about what is truly healthy.  It is about following what we were taught from a baby on up.  People cling to these paradigms and then wonder why they get sick.  People turn to all kinds of medications with varying side effects, when some of these whole foods could very likely be the answer in reversing many health conditions.

You can think I'm crazy if you want.  You could also challenge yourself to see what I'm talking about.  More importantly, what you are doing, is not the best thing you could be.  We are constantly improving upon what we are eating and now we have much more information to work with.

Here's a few things we learned the other day.

  • To reverse the acidity of one cup of coffee, it takes 6 glasses of water.
  • Microwaves break the chemical bonds by vibrating the molecules.  When the molecules stop vibrating, that is when the chemical bonds connect together so there is no telling what you're going to get.
  • Phytochemicals - the spark plugs of the immune system are located in the seeds, skins, rind, stem
  • Soda PH is 2.5 in coke, 2.7 in pepsi.  The higher the acidity, the more it pulls calcium from our bones
  • BBQ has hydrocarbons from the grease that falls down from cooked meats and forms aldehydes around meat.  1 BBQ steak is equivalent of 600 cigarettes according to several research studies.
  • Bitter Melon has cucurbitane which is a hypoglycemic benefit (insulin like effect)
  • Blueberries - help improve vision and eye health (blend them whole in a blender as a drink)
  • Clove is anti-fungal.  It kills germs in the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay
  • Cucumber - high in silica which helps bone health and bone fractures (most alkalizing)

If you want to learn more, go to Food Based Healing.

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