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Manipulated Belief System and Into The Light

Into The Light
Dr. John Lerma
In chapter 3 of "Into The Light" by Dr. John Lerma, a story of Leon is shared.  Leon is a fundamentalist Baptist minister who shares just how judgmental he was.  While he was preaching (before he came upon his final days in hospice care), he thought people like Joel Osteen were wrong to be preaching all this feel good, positivity.  He was a hell fire and brimstone type of preacher and thought any other way was of the devil.

In the days and weeks leading up to his death, the life review he went through opened this minister's eyes to things that went against his own belief system.  During his time of preaching, he felt that near death experiences (NDE) were nothing more than hallucinations by satan or the enemy as he called it.  He didn't believe that people could really see angels and once again thought they were being fooled by Satan.  Even when the first angel appeared to him, he thought it was Satan tempting him.  However, as more angels appeared and further things happened, he came to understand that so much of his belief system was wrong.  All this because he had been indoctrinated by his family into a manipulated belief system.

As the days progressed, he saw how his views towards gay people were so wrong.  Unfortunately during his time leading his church, he worked hard to convert gays.  It wasn't until the angels showed him that God does not make mistakes and that in gay relationships, there is a coming together of the feminine and masculine parts.  In fact, he was shown that when two people truly love each other and share that love, this is perfection in God's eyes.

Ultimately, Leon came to terms with his life and realized that a lack of love creates judgement.  The sooner we learn to love and forgive, the better off we will be and the easier our transition to the next world.  Leon shared with Dr. Lerma that there are more and more people each day who want to live in peace and love.

I am warmed by this story because if someone such as Leon can come to an understanding such as this, there is hope for anyone.  All too often in our world, we use GOD and LOVE and other descriptive words to claim we know what is best and to stand in judgment of others.  In all reality, when we do this, it is anything but God and Love that we are connecting with.  May we all open our hearts and mind up to understand more about who we are, not where others fall short in our eyes.

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