Sunday, October 9, 2011

Overcome Fear By Facing It

Overcome Fear By
Facing It
One of the things that is the hardest for me in life and that it seems like I need to continue to learn over and over again is facing fears.  Learning to overcome fears by facing them is like asking a brick wall to get up and move.  I know I am not the only one that struggles with this in life.

In the days when I was suffering from anxiety attacks, I kept getting told that I needed to face my fears.  When you do that, the power of them is taken away.  However, when life is nothing but one big fear, it feels like you will surely die if you do this.

It took me a long time to begin to understand what facing fears was all about and how to go about it.  The more we learn to do this, the more we find freedom in life.

I was happy to find this mind body wellness tip by Dr. Nima about this very subject.  He talked on this page about how he tells his clients to face their fears.  One day it dawned on him that maybe he needed to practice what he preached to his clients.  The following video is about that experience and showing how he went into his fears.

I want you to take special note of something as you get into the video.  It is the point where he is about to do his bungee jump and he feels like he is going to faint, his body is trembling and his mind feels overwhelmed.  This is very typical of how fear shows up in our body and instead of wanting these things to end, we want to learn how to feel it and sense it in the body.  This is what he did in the video.

Using your breath and focusing on the moment, will help you take the energy of the fear and move you forward.  Denying these body sensations will only add to the fear and multiply them many times over.

I realize that it sounds easier to face your fears than it may seem in this moment.  I also know from experience that the more you try this in little ways, the more you will be able to accomplish.  It is through the little moments of success that we can find the bigger moments of freedom.

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