Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Truth Or Fiction In Healing

For some reason in this world, we chase rainbows, thinking that we are chasing something which truly exists in a physical way you can touch.  We see the lights of the rainbow and fail to realize, that it is nothing more than a reflection.  If you tried to touch it, you would not feel it.  Yet, that's what we do in this world.

To many of the so called healing things in this world don't amount to a hill of beans.  It doesn't stop people from chasing them as if they did.  The medical establishment and all the way down to the new age folks or the every day folks with their old wives' tales, there is a lot of voo doo that is purported to be truth.  If these things truly worked in the way that people said they did, there would not be any suffering or health problems in this world.  Think about that for a minute!  If all of these things were so great, than everyone would be healed.

Most of these things cannot be quantified or tested because if they did, their defense would not hold water.  I do realize that some people claim to have been healed by these things but in all reality, I surmise that what healed these people, isn't what everyone thinks healed them.  Try to convince them of that and it is like expecting water to flow up a hill on its own.

In all things, we need to test and quantify what works.  We need to look at repeatability because if it cannot be repeated time and time again, then the mark has been missed.  When you can repeat the healing claim from one person to another and physically change their life long past the moment, than you are on to something. Even at this point, one needs to dig deeper and understand more.

Within each mindset of healing, there are some elements of truth, but when you surround it with fiction, than you have cloaked the truth into something that is no longer visible.  All too often, we only see the parts of the truth we want to see. We have our minds locked into a paradigm we've been taught all our life, or we have latched on to... but just because we believe it, doesn't make it the truth.

It is easy to swallow up every morsel of feel good techniques that comes along but what does it profit us, if we fail to go in and see within ourself, what is truly causing the situation we face.  Yes, it may make us feel good and happy because it has taken our mind off of what we truly do not want to see or the pain we feel.  We can mask things in any way we want but it still doesn't address the issue.

Take for example if you have a gushing wound on your body from a very large gash.  Would you have someone dance around you claiming that this will stop the gushing wound?  Would you have someone only pray for you?  Would you have someone give you medication prescriptions?  Maybe you would claim that you have the truth for this person and then begin doing whatever it is that you believe helps heal people. 

Do you think that any of this would stop the bleeding from the large gushing wound on the person?  If you do, I would be frightened to be around you in the case of an example like this one.  Most likely, you would administer first aid, call for medical attention and try to stop the bleeding of the gushing wound in any physical way possible.  You would not try your "beliefs" as the only way to heal this.  While you might think positive thoughts or pray, most likely it would all be about survival at that moment.  

This example seems silly most likely to someone reading it but yet, this is what we do in life and I have witnessed these scenarios in action.  We follow the things that are not founded upon truth, all the while holding on for dear life that they are the truth.  We have blinded our self through fiction and stand on a false precipice of truth. 

In fact, in many ways in our world, we are not even aware that we do this.  Our fiction has become so substantiated in our own mind that if the truth presented itself, we would see it as fiction.  My only hope is that we as humans will begin to wake up and discover what is truly truth in healing, not what someone proclaims to us is truth.  The evidence is in the results that can be repeated and observed in different people.  The truth is not in what most people think it is.  The truth is out there but we must open our minds up, and let go of our own mindsets to find it.  If we fail to do this, we have failed to find the truth.

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