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Self Delusional People

Self Delusional People
So, do you think that what you know to be true is actually true in your life?  Have you found the truth as it applies to your life and you see it applying to the world?  Do you think you know what is right, wrong and the best for everyone involved?  If you do, you might just be a self delusional person!

Most of us go through life holding on to religious or medical or societal information as THE truth in life.  We think that because we have gone to church and "felt like" we have had an experience that we know what is best of everyone else.  Yet, we go through life making up rules that we force upon others and give framework to our life.  The rules of course change from person to person, religious place to religous place or at any time we feel the rules aren't working!  Often many go as far as to live by one set of rules and profess another set of rules that the world should follow.  In the end, we are just self dilusional people thinking that we have THE truth in life.

Another category is in the area of health care that we think we hold the "KNOWLEDGE" as to what is healing us and what does not.  I've been told that massage or various alternative forms don't work in health situations.  Some people make that quite clear.  I've also heard that some "medication" is clearing up some condition although the individual does nothing to change their lifestyle.  Ok, if you anyone out there thinks this is "KNOWLEDGE" and "TRUTH", than I guess you've probably heard of going down with the sinking ship.  Not that I have all the answers either but if you begin to do some research on placebos, you will find just how many of our modern day medical procedures have very little basis in truth and most are made up on the spot.  Of course, who can blame the medical community when people demand answers for conditions from people who at the risk of being taken to court, find the safe answer that appeases a self delusional person.

We should not forget the next group of people who go through life with their opinnions attached on their sleeves or as medals of honor for all to see.  These self delusional people think that by watching various pundits and shows on TV that they have all the knowledge and facts to make informed points.  Unfortunately, most of what they hear on TV is nothing more than chatter from a delusional mind.  It is presented as fact and fact is sprinkled into the chatter, but it is nothing more than 99% fluff and stuff.  These people spend every waking hour of their day thinking that they have to get people to think like them or they have failed.  We have groups out there in politics that don't show any signs of listening or compromise but they sure can push their self righteous thoughts on others.

So, maybe you're saying, I don't do any of these things.  I would say, turn around and look in the mirror because you might just be self delusional in that thinking!  The thing is, unless we challenge ourselves and we challenge our thoughts, words and actions, who are we trying to kid?  We might fool some of the people all the time but I doubt we will fool all of the people all of the time!

And if you need any more evidence of how you believe in things that aren't true, you may want to check out this recent article on Yahoo Finance, 5 Things You Think Work, But Actually Don't.  Below are a few of the points and you can read the entire article to become more informed.

1)  Close Door Buttons on elevators are for the most part, dummy buttons!  While people assume they work, most of them do not!  These dummy buttons require a key for the most part to work in the case of manual or emergency operation.

2)  Butt Toning Shoes while they sound like a great idea and I'm sure the people who wear them claim this as well, there is no science or research out there to prove that.  So, walk all you want and think what you want, but your shoes aren't toning your butt anymore than other rediculous concepts we live by in this world.

3)  Office thermostats are mostly controlled these days especially in larger corporations or in high rise buildings.  People think that they are truly doing something by changing the thermostat but in all reality, these are controlled by computer programs and are set to operate in defined settings.  Yes, you might hear the system kick on at some point, but more likely than not, it isn't you that is adjusting it.  It is all in your head.

You may think I'm self delusional for what I write but instead of getting upset at me and thinking I'm crazy, I want you to challenge everything you do.  Running your body through non stop stress every day will result in some health condition showing up.  You can mask it by taking medications and alternative treatments or you can summon a few more brain cells and learn to become more aware and conscious.  It is your choice and each one of us chooses what we allow ourselves to listen to in any given day.

You may think I'm self delusional and that this is a bunch of hogwash and phooey and that is perfectly within your rights as a human being.  It may not get you further in life but it might make you feel safe, warm and fuzzy inside.  However, if you want to grow and evolve as a human, the way to get there is not by taking the safe and easy road, but by challenging every aspect of your life.  The more you challenge yourself, the more conscious and aware you become in life.

So, quit being a self delusional person and begin to be a human who is aware, conscious and growing!  You'll have a better life because of it and you'll be helping out civilization as a result!

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  1. this is an interesting area of conversation, for delusions do serve a purpose and the purpose could be self serving also. Our world runs on what people think, see or hear...but sometimes our thoughts do serve a purpose..we present our thoughts thinking it helped us so it will help others, sometimes they are self serving or greedy even..the beauty is that we all have these thoughts and we are free to choose among them and if they serve a purpose to create higher grounds of peace and love they may even serve a greater unknown potential.

    For myself, when I meditate and receieve thoughts/wisdom from the spirit world, they tend to be loving and kind..I , like any good spiritual person have sat and wondered , am I creating these thoughts? and what purpose are they serving? and when I myself read them later, they always touch my own heart. why do I feel compelled to share them in my blog? I can't even answer that myself ..but I just do..and I always feel that I pray it will just add love, peace and happiness to the world I live in. Sometimes I do want people to know what I think or what is right,for it feels so right, but I realize everyone has their own reality,thoughts, view and ways..whether delusional or not..maybe they do serve a purpose, purpose of love and kindness, in these short lives we live in...

  2. @Mary Ann - I like that you hit on the point of we all have these thoughts and we are free to choose among them and if they serve a purpose... that is the essence behind life in my opinion (or truth or awareness or consciousness).

    Often, my blog posts are a snapshot of time, written of my experiences and my process of understanding those moments. In this post, there was a vast collection of experiences that went into this. I have learned over the years to share it, in hopes that others will at least think and maybe challenge what they hold as true.

    And sometimes, it is just part of the process forward.






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