Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Choose To Look Inward For Answers

I Choose To Look

While I support people who get involved and speak out to let their voices  be heard, I question the effectiveness of recent movements.  It is my hope that the voices ringing out will be heard and will make a difference.  However, for now, I choose to look inward for answers, not outward in blame of finger pointing.

My fear is that we are becoming a country of people shouting at one another and absolutely no one is listening to anyone.  If we continue shouting, than will we ever hear one another.  It is a sad state of affairs not only for our country but throughout the world.  Those in power do not listen to those they represent and those who put them in power, fail to carry through with their convictions when in a voting booth.

We are in a very difficult place in this world because while we decry the greed of those who control our economy, our economy is created by us.  We each have a role to play in this because we are so driven to buy enjoyment in life and follow our possessions, thinking that if we don't have either of these, we are less than human.  If you compare and contrast what we have to what many other poor nations have, we are all wealthy.  Unfortunately, as simple as I make this sound, it is anything but simple.

This is why I choose to look inward for answers, not outward in blame or finger pointing.  Change that we seek does not come from some place beyond our lives.  Change comes from within us and by us taking the steps to go inward.  We cannot idly stand by and absorb all that we are fed in the news, expecting to find morsels of truth within the words.  The truth comes from within our mind and body.

We as humans are letting fear rule our minds, bodies and our daily lives.  Most of the time, we do not even see this and instead we project our fears upon other people, governments, entities, religious practices, movements or phiolosophies.  Until we deal with the fear that we choose to deny in our own lives, we will never be what we want to be.  No amount of possessions or control or avoidance will ever make up for it.

My hope is that these movements which are beginning will wake us all up to more important facts than anyone is currently seeing.  Life is not about all that is currently taking place in our day.  It is about us finding true peace within ourselves as we jump into the fears, not just avoid them.  Once you reclaim the fears in your life, you will then find freedom and power unlike anything you have ever seen.

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  1. I so relate to what you're saying. I'm 46 and only now feeling strong enough to speak. We all need time to digest, absorb & evolve. Quiet. To be alone w our demons & howl to the oaks & grasses that don't judge. We need time.

  2. I've found that the more I can be alone with all parts of my life, the more I evolve and grow. Thank you for sharing this with me. I truly appreciate it.






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