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False Assumptions In Healing And Clinical Errors

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On KevinMD.com, there was an excellent article on clinical errors.  While I realize this was written more for the medical community, it applies to healing and alternative practices.  I'll let you read the full article but I'm just going to highlight a few that stuck out to me as I was reading it.  The following is my own take and perception on these items.  They are not meant to be aligned with the article on KevinMD.com that I reference. 

1)  The Placebo is just as powerful as modern medicine.  While many pharmaceutical companies do not highlight the effect of placebos, they often heal just as well as the medication or treatment.

2)  Many diseases do not all of the sudden show up.  There is a progression over time.  They are gradual.  Identifying what is going on in the person's life prior to the symptoms appearing is critical.  Learning how to help the client change their life is more likely to offer long term healing, rather than a quick fix.

3)  Over reliance on lab work and medical test procedures tends to be nothing more than a medical professional covering their backside instead of treating the whole person.  At one time, medical professionals followed their gut instincts but with the advent of lawyers and malpractice lawsuits, our health care and healing has been turned into a one size fits all approach.

4)  A statement that patients hear far too often that the pain or condition they are experiencing is "all in their head".  How helpful is that?  It shows that medical professionals don't have a clue what to tell their patients and the patients clearly don't want to hear that no one knows what is wrong with them.  Patients want that quick fix and medical professionals feel that they must deliver.  I feel for the medical professionals.

5)  Failing to stop a treatment or a medication when it is clearly not working.  Sometimes the best thing we can do when we are not improving is to stop what we are doing and try something different.

6)  We live in a society that people have to buy pill containers to make sure they take all their prescriptions in a day.  There are far too many pills that people take.  The more medications one is on, the more adverse effects that potentially can show up.  Failing to keep medications to a minimum is not helping the patient.

I would urge you to read the entire article because it has some very good information and is written by the medical community.  Medical care or health care has gotten so far away from what I feel it should be for humans.  Most of the time when we go to a doctor, the next step when you leave their office is to head to the pharmacy to fill a prescription.  At one time, this was not the case.

A long time ago when I was working in animal husbandry, people would call up and claim they had some situation going on with their animals.  Some times this would be true but on several occasions, there was truly nothing wrong.  Yet, the people would swear up and down that some "disease" or "health condition" was affecting their animals.  One veterinarian that I worked with often talked of how we would go out and "boil water" so to speak.  This meant that we would give them some type of placebo to make the person think we were doing something for them.  In all reality, no treatment was needed but you could not convince these people of this.  People were so quick to demand medication be given to their animals when it clearly was not warranted.  I remember some spirited conversations when I did not agree with people who demanded medication for their animals.

We do the same thing in medical care of humans where people are giving medications to mask the symptoms that may or may not be there.  Instead of people spending time going within the body and taking care of themselves, they go to the doctor seeking the quick fix to their problems.  However, the quick fix is usually applying a band-aid to a large gushing wound.  It most likely will not solve the problem and may in fact create more problems.  This same statement could be said for many in the alternative health care field as well.

As a society and as individuals we need to become more wise in how we treat our body.  What we are doing at this point in time is not working, yet we continue to do the same routine.  For the money that is spent on health care in our country, our country is not getting any healthier.  This should be the wake up call, but unfortunately the message falls on the deaf ears of billions of dollars in income for an industry that will implode.

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